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This is my latest Point and Click Adventure game set in an Ancient tomb, Can you find the treasures within? avoid the traps, figure out the puzzles and find the secret rooms??

All coded in SwishMAX with Graphics and Sound produced in Photoshop, Cinema 4D and FL Studio as usual

NOTE: This game contains an in-game Highscore system that is local to your computer, NOT an online highscore...it's purely so you can beat your own scores etc ;-)

AXES: Go forward when the axe reaches its highest point away from the middle on either side...

DOTS: You MUST do them in order, if you miss one you have to do that one then the others that follow, Slower and more accurate can be just as good as fast and in-accurate!!

i.e if you miss 6 then go back to it, you still have to to do 7,8,9,10 as they ALL HAVE to be done in order!!

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A pretty fun game, I rather liked the challenging puzzles and I like the challenge of searching for little items and secrets. I even managed to get second place on the score board as "Shifty" with 217258 points.
10/10, love these kinds of games and was time well spent.

This is pretty good but how does the adventurer escape the tomb after killing the spider boss? Other than that little nitpick, this a great game so kudos to you for making it!

I loved the game, but screw those Connect-the-Dots puzzles. I love a challenge, but good grief, just when you think you finally made it, another puzzle pops up that is near impossible and it takes the fun out of the game cause you're stuck on one puzzle and getting aggravated at not being able to get any top score for the puzzle to pass efficiently.

Psionic3D responds:

Agreed, I made this game almost 10 years ago now and wish I had the files to tweak things, but I don't so it has to stay the way it is ;-)

There're various challenges and puzzles in this adventure which keeps the game interesting. It's alright if you fail in the first attempt, you can always try again. c:

Graphics are great! I love the beautiful coins earned from the challenges and other pretty items collected along the way.

Sound effect is good!

A nice, if a little simple point and click adventure game. It has some nice elements such as concealing items under dirt, and lighting lamps ahead of you to reveal a path. There were as many good minigames as there were bad - getting past the swinging blades could have been made a little easier, choosing a path across the chasm is simply trial and error, and the arithmetic puzzle and join the dots felt just a little bit patronising, unless this game is aimed at a really young audience. It also had a couple of shooting sequences that were reminiscent of Icescape 2 - but thankfully not so hard. Still, these things drag the game down a bit.

One thing to note - the arithmetic puzzle is wrong. The order you are supposed to solve a sum is anything in brackets first, then divisions, multiplications, additions and subtractions - in that order. If you have 4+4/8, the answer would be 4.5, but if you did (4+4)/8 THEN you would get the answer of 1, which is I think what you intended.

Not a bad way to pass some time nonetheless.

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4.24 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2008
11:11 AM EDT