Sonic & the 16bit world 4

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It's finally here, hope you enjoy!

I've spent a good amount of time on the fight scene; so I hope you're looking forward to it. <3

Some people have expeinced the credits stopping at the end. I don't know why this has happened, it might depened whether or not you have updated your flash player.

And yes, the series has NOT ended. So stop asking. :)

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well IM glad I found this late and didn't have to wait six years for me to marathon it. it was good bit. with warm memories of the old interwebs to the now, honestly Im very glad I found this gem and Ill be awaiting for ep 5, though given your track record it will be a long time before I can enjoy that, but you gained a fan and Ill be waiting and be checking out all the other stuff you have to offer. be well and may you never stop your art

aren't the stories of the blue and red recolors the stories of naruto and sasuke?

man this thing is good this in my favs

good eventhough tose red and blue recolors are just retells of sasuke and naruto

Pure Amazing.

Ah, I've remember watching this way back since September 2008. I didn't really knew how much I loved this Sprite movie before, and I still love it! The voice acting is very comedian and amazing. Especially the well known voice actors that I've remembered along time ago before Youtube was popular. I didn't really know who Shadic23 was before he voiced Sonic, but goddamn he sounded EXACTLY like Sonic. Ravencrow89 on the other hand was also why I loved watching this flash. I think he will always be best known for redubs of Knuckles voice. Silverknux1991 was one of the best ones to do a Silver impression. I wish that you guys could do a Collab together or create a famous website together, because I would be happy to watch your videos everyday. Now time with animation you put into...

I find it very decent. Most of the time it just lags from frame to frame for a second. Not just because it's my computer or anybody else's but the flash program you used kinda fucked some of it up. But other than that, I just love this flash still! You get a 4.5 for a great cast AND your series. If you would be interested on taking me as a voice actor I'll be glad to give you some information I would be glad to do! Hope you keep making great flashes.


I must say, it was pretty decent than other flash videos I've seen. Effects were very pretty to look at.

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2008
11:00 AM EDT
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