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Goku vs Frieza part 2

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Part 2 of Goku vs Frieza ^_^

Before you watch the flash if you've seen Goku vs Frieza part 1 you'll know I used LSW sprites but in this one I changed them. I don't think this is as good as I wanted it to be because this is my first time using sprites like this, but nevertheless...

Enjoy :)

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A good part 2.

I was kind of disappointed that you went away from your calling card of sprites instead of having the small sprites you had the regular 32-bit ones but i'll admit it did look a lot nicer on an animation stand point and gave out more depth for special moves & attacks which was cool,i also like the new text box it looked nice and blended in well with the background,as for the ending it was a bit bland but not that big of a deal cause the fight throughout was quite fun to watch so i think you did a really good job on both flashes of the fight. =)

The Ending

the ending had no kind of feeling, it was just blast and done!. you should have made more struggle. but it kept me watching trough the whole flash with pleasure so good job man!

OLD293 responds:

I realized that when I watched it myself, but it can only be something to learn from at this point. Thank you for pointing it out though =).

"100% Better"

See I told you! It was pretty awesome! Now how about you use an actual DBZ stage AFTER you finish your Goku vs. Frieza series!

Why wasn't I in the credits....JUST KIDDING!

OLD293 responds:

lol =P, I like to make my own DBZ stages now...I've been doing so every since Gohan vs Cell ^_^, its easy to edit everything. If anything I forgot to add you in the credits.

just about the only review happening on Clock Day

well it was decent and well thought out, the sprites were fine, that wasnt an issue. The only real complaint from me is that frieza wasnt killed the way he was in the anime, i had built up some excitement for frieza being cut in half, and then he just gets blown up. Not the same effect, but good nonetheless. Good job

OLD293 responds:

Yea, I wanted to change the scene...but I prob should of cut him in half xD. Thx for the review

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3.79 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
9:51 PM EDT