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Clock Day Baconman Collab

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This collab about Baconman features animations by both Jamie and harryjarry! It's quite a sight to behold! There are also two original songs featured in this flash!

Jamie - After several months of hard work and preparation, me and Joel's (harryjarry's) Clockday masterpiece is completed. Being one of the sound coordinators and artists in this video I can confidently say that this movie is worth viewing. Please enjoy!

My part involves baconman and his family on a wild excursion to Los Angeles, California. It's quite a change from their suburban life in Baconville, they're sure to live it up!

P.S. Happy Clock Day!


harryjarry - We spent unimaginable time and work on this flash, and we feel it has come out as great, if not greater, than how we'd hoped. I'm sure you will enjoy this delightful flash in ways you can't comprehend!

In my part, Baconman grows a moustache! He decides to venture out into the portal, and see what all he can find on this wonderful Clock Day!



slept with ur mom 40 times

horry 4 bacon man

harryjarry responds:



Those Baconmen and the songs featured here cannot get out of my head. But besides that, the use of Baconman and the songs here were pretty funny. What I really liked here is you two singing songs for this little guy. Also, that guitar performance from harryjarry was pretty cool. Overall, great work from the both of you and Happy belated Clock Day. :)


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harryjarry responds:

Jamie + harryjarry + Baconman + Clock Day = <3
When you add Bahamut into the mix, it just goes beyond mathematics!!!

So bad, yet fun

This is a very interesting thing to watch simply because it relishes in its utter stupidity. I can not even compare it to stuff made by people like The Star Syndicate. You actually did work a little hard to put some good graphics on the thing. I also love the theme of bacon, as I am in a hotel now and can have all the bacon I want for breakfeast now! I thought you had a great Clock Day and I praise you for making original songs for this too. It is just funny to see bacon with a mustache.

harryjarry responds:

The only reason I can think of that you might think there is some bad in this... is that you're having much more fun than you've ever had in your life! You've never had this much fun!! I wonder if The Star Syndicate love Baconman-I sure hope they do! Maybe they will make some flashes about Baconman that will spark your interest :)

Be sure not to eat Baconman! You should be able to notice his moustache that he has every now and then. Thank you for the praise! We always try to put original material in our works-especially in the music field.


The songs were okay

But the movies were not.
They were nothing more than really simple loops.
I just didn't think you put a lot of work into this.
So next time please try harder.

harryjarry responds:

Not enough Baconman?


Well the audio was pretty cool, to say the least. :P The rest of the submission really wasn't anything to be proud of. No real animation or graphics to speak of, that were really of your creation, and used to purpose. Maybe you guys would've been better off in the audio portal, without this flash submission, but that's my opinion. Meh.

harryjarry responds:

NG needs a Baconman portal.

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4.49 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
3:54 PM EDT