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Ponged! demo

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This version does work, but has a few bugs. For one, the game will not end. Ever. You can get a hundred points and still nothing. That's why I added a back button.

Secondly, there is no sound. There will be in the final version but not here.

Thirdly, the menus are simplistic and ugly. Not too much of a problem, but it bugs me.

Fourthly, There are only 6 variations. The end result will have atleast 25.

Fifthly, it ay be too easy for you. Sorry.

But, hey, you can still waste some time with this.


Well, I know this is a demo,

However, the paddles are just a bit slow, but everything else is good. Nice job! 9/10, 4/5.

xscoot responds:


I really need to get back to this...


no offense meant, but this isn't that good, and i'm wondering how it managed a 4.28 when it has a review score of 3. decent start, but pong gets old. good job though.

xscoot responds:

Why can no one understand the meaning of the word "demo"?

That's all this is. An alpha build of a game still in production. I just felt that it had more meat on its bones than other demos I can find.

Why the negative reviews?

It's odd that this game is rated so high, yet the reviews are so bad. I didn't see anything particuarly wrong about it. Yeah, it didn't take that much effort to make, but it's a good tribute to the first ever video game with very similar gameplay. Give this stuff a chance!

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xscoot responds:

Thank you. I know, the game has its problems, but it isn't all that bad. Good for a few minutes.

That said, how did you possibly find this? It's pretty obscure. Anyhoo, this is no way the final product. This is just a really nice demo (nicer than most other demos submitted to NG). The final proudct will have full sound, no bugs, and more modes.

No fucking way, are you serious?

It just pong over and over again with a different backround. And the ball always spawns like, a million feet away from the paddle. Awful.

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xscoot responds:

I told you it was buggy.


its a good first try....but like you said, there are some bugs...for one, on bumper pong, it doesn't hitTest both ways...if you hit a bumper on from the left, the ball goes right through it....second, your score isn't reset to zero at the beginning of each variation

keep trying bud

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xscoot responds:

Ya, I actually just need to reduce the amount of bumpers in bumper pong to fix the first bug. But I still can't get the score to work.

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4.37 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
11:33 AM EDT
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