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Dress Our King!

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Author Comments

I made one in 06, I made one in 07 (Which got front page), and why not make one in 08?

++1 Easter Egg++
++9 Sounds, 8 of them songs++
++34 Backgrounds++
++231 Items++
++Much more :3++

Enjoy this little game - And please leave a review! :)

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Oh my king, i make all for you!
king: whatevs...

Quite a selcetion

God I hate the amount of crap that floods the portal when Cock Day rolls around. This needs some work, but not as much as I first thought, when I saw the name and date of submission.

I think that the first thing you need to make is a mute button, as you've got a decent selection of sounds at the moment, but none of them were to my taste, so removing them all together would have been the best solution, from my point of view.

Some people give Strawberry Clock hands - the only feature that you could have added to make this really good, from the standpoint of dressup games.

Either that or make it so that you can produce a comic book about Strawberry and his life in Clocktopia, perhaps.

[Review Request Club]

ThaDj responds:

Good to see a review score, which I see fit for my game. I think the others choose their review score while comparing my dress-up game to others' dress-ups, which is fine, but not the most just in my opinion. It's also amusing to see that you saw the "Cock crew" joke in the preloader :).

A mute button was also mentioned before, and even though you're the first to say that none of the songs matched your style, I still think it's something I'll have to add in future games.

"Some people give Strawberry Clock hands - the only feature that you could have added to make this really good, from the standpoint of dressup games."
I didn't understand that part of your review.
If it means I should have added hands: There is a set of hands, even a set of pirate hooks too.

A comic book background might be a good idea, and customizable text bubbles.

Thanks for the review :)


I'm not too fond of dress-up games, as they don't offer that much depth. All I can do is drag and drop various items on random characters.

Your dress-up game is surprisingly well drawn and I liked that the various items fitted perfectly on SBC. Most dress-up games I played so far had the hughe downside of clothes/items not fitting properly on the image of the character. So much the better that all items in your game did fit.

I also liked the wide range of background music you put in the game. This keeps the music from getting boring. If I am annoyed of one track I can easily swith to another track.

You also had a wide range of backgrounds in your game, but I'd prefer more background images, rather than just a unicolored background.

{ Review Request Club }

ThaDj responds:

Thanks for the review :)

one of the top dress-ups

Visuals: stunningly well drawn, everything flowed together seemlessly, and the sheer content of options was amazing, I was actually quite surprised that this hasn't received greater recognition based on its stellar graphics

Audio: a varied selection of tracks kept things from getting boring for me, so I commend you on that, all of the tracks were superb from the parts I listened to

Overall: excellent graphics with a great background music selection, definitely one of the better non-18+ dress-ups i've seen on Newgrounds, although, as good as it is, it's still only a drag and drop dress-up, not the most original idea out there, so my only suggestion is to get creative with your next submission, start from scratch with an idea and use the same amount of effort that went into this one in the next, otherwise a great submission, keep at it

.:Review Request Club:.

ThaDj responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Very good.

Honestly one of the better dress up games that I have seen. A couple of things that could of been improved on probably, but I will try to address those opinions in my review.

Animation/Graphics - All of the pictures were great and all of the backgrounds were fine. I found that the colors were all great also. I noticed you did have a little bit of animation, but I really like it when dress up games have items and other animation. I think that if you would of had a couple more pieces animated that it would of helped your score and your rating here just a little bit.

Story - You had a lot of stuff to choose from. 231 as you state in your author comments, but I didn't count them so I'm just going to trust you on this. You also had a lot of backgrounds, but I wasn't too impressed with the backgrounds to be honest. The first couple were nice, but after that they were just colors. I think that if you would of had more backgrounds with things in the backgrounds then it would of also helped your rating and score. I think a background that had a clock army in the background or something like that would of been pretty cool.

Audio - All of the audio was perfectly fine. Great job here. You always see those dress up games that only have one song too choose from, but you managed to get 8 songs on here without really making the file size too big. Good job everywhere here.

Overall - A great dress up game. A couple of things could of been done to improve it, but other then that it was better then most. Also, congrats on getting your game into the Clock Day 2008 collection.


~ Review Request Club ~

ThaDj responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
10:53 AM EDT