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Mr toilet paper

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This cartoon is crap, literally.

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Lmao another crap joke.

Lol i was laughing at the end but i kind of figured he would have a craptastic ending XP. loland i woulda said s#!-)- but i deon't want mr. fulp to get mad at me..... or the other guys.


that was really funny man. make some moar!

No sh...

This is funny as shit.... No pun intended.

Good Visuals :D

I think to truly catch a loud laugh was to cut to the stall doors being closed and hearing the toilet paper scream...Other then that, even with that...That shit..No pun intended, was very funny. Oh..My..God.. 9/10 man :)

poor toilet paper

This is a perfect example of why inanimate objects be alive. Funny tho