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Jesus vs. Godzilla

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Edit: Front page (YESSSSS)

At long last, I'm finally getting this out there!

Go to my website to check out some extras (extended ending, storyboards and such)VVV

The one thing I ask that the audience pardons is the sound in the latter parts of the animation. It could be better, and if I could make it better, I would make it better. Unfortunately hardware limitations kept me from doing a proper sound job. By the time all the animation was done, I had barely any memory left for the sounds (And trust me, I tried extra hard to optimize and compress stuff). So rather than compromise on the animation, I didnt add any sound effects, and left it at some songs. Thanks for understanding.

PS: Just cause some people arent getting the joke: I did the anime spoofs on purpose. Jesus and Godzilla are both highly covered/copyrighted things. If I had wanted to do something super original, I wouldnt have done this. Upon the realization that it wasnt so original, I decided to make it as obviously un-original as possible.

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this was sooo awesome great fight and idea loved it a buunch

LOL Jesus. In Eva-01. Against Gojira. Still, Raptor Jesus shoulda been in there somewhere... after all, he went extinct for our sins... the one time he ate spaghetti...


Jesus turn to a mech, but in real world, not. Of course because he is the creator, Jesus and God are desame.!


YES that was great

although you should have had Big G damage Bankai Gurren Lagann

And was too Bleachy not enough actual Godzilla vs Gurren Lagann

and like the other comments godzilla's arms were too long.


except godzilla doesn't look right...