Burger Restaurant 2

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Dear reviewers,

Thank you all for your comments on Burger restaurant 1. They were very helpful. Many of your requested features are in this new game now.

- Please tell me what you would like to see improved in this game?
- Any requests for things you would like to see in a new burger restaurant 3?



the response time is much better. I like that the to do list is up at the top so you know what is being done.


ive played the first one and this one is more challenging. i like the new food like tacos rice and beans and bratwurst. i also like the themes and upgrades. maybe more food items?

Really Fun

This is amazingly fun. I've beaten it about five times and I can't get enough of it. My only suggestion is for the next game to be longer. I can't wait until the third one comes out. :]

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Good improvement from the last game, as you have sped up the charcter and added some upgrades. My only problems which i found where:

1. Yes the target are for the links are way to small, for the speedy action of this type of game.
2. when you click on the table to pick up a burger, she walks around the back and then comes back around.
3. on a few occasions the game was sort of sucked off the screen, in like a screen wipe, which was weird.
I thought this game was very colourful and all the graphics were great, this is a brill game, keep on the good work

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Just Finished :D

This is such a big improvement over the first one, I love it even more! The only suggestios I would have:
-Increase targeting margin, 'cause sometimes I thought I cliked someting and I didn't so there's a big time waster
-Maybe delete the "walk" thing, I really did't use it and I don't see its use, You have so many thing to do there's no time to walk around, and also sometimes I wanted to click on an item and I missed it for a bit and the girl would just walk

I can't wait for a third one, keep it up! This game was awesome

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2008
9:11 AM EDT
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