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Solarsaurs 2

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What goes up...must come down!
In fact, the Solarsaurs have come all the way back down to earth in this crazy collision physics strategy game!

Bounce those spherical dinos off rubber ducks, cooking pots, fried tomatoes and even penguins to get massive chain reaction scores!

What do you mean it doesn't make any sense?

-Dim & Tom

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Great, creative, funnny and unique!

Hahaha, well the idea is pretty nice, I really like this game.You know,,who will create a bunch of mini dinos that want to "rule" mini human worlds? The idea is very creative and maybe you think the game is pretty boring, but that's if you don't know how to play it, isnt it?
Please enjoy this game!

cool game

i got 20k on the first lvl



Very creative

Nothin amazing, but it was a good stradegy fun game. And yes kikoforce909...I got over 12,000 on the first level... Some people dont appreciate true creative intellgence.

doesn't turn me on

dude that blew.... you can't even get 10000 pts