SKATER V2 Episode: 04

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Edit: I'm sorry that I can't respond to all reviews, I have so little time, but I try to read most of them :)
Edit: Thanks for the front page and the award :)


I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is. SIx minutes of loving, fighting, dancing and skating. Thanks to all fans who's been waiting in patience, but also thanks to those who've been sending me tons of PMs asking where it is ;)

The story continues!


(There might be a little easter egg!)



i understand you didnt want to do the same old stick figure converted into a block figure type of thing and ad voice and faces but for me i think it turned out horrible. it was just a huge let down... sorry


Lol, the humor and length were perfect.

All that i have to comment about is the lame animation/art. I know you can do better, but at least it's a HUGE improvement from past episodes. SO YOU GET A 10 - 1! HA!

That was a funny film. :D

And as we say..

That's hot

Well animated

The animation is really good, the fighting scene was great and there were some funny moments. 10/10

The weakest of the series

I've got to say, Marcy, that having been a fan of yours for almost a year now, this episode felt like a letdown

Just because you can draw legs doesn't mean that you should. It takes away from the style that the first episodes had

That's what the old episodes were. Style

Not only that, but the legs were poorly drawn. It's not like they were a huge step above sticks in the first place

The voice acting was just... meh. It makes it feel as though it's part of a different series altogether. I would drop that like a bad habit

The amount of skate-related plot in this episode was minimal. He never out-skated the badguys, and skating never got him into any trouble. It was just... V2

My suggestion would have to be to throw Johnny back into stick converter... backwards

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4.04 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2008
1:48 PM EDT