We Drink Ritalin

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9/26/04 -- My goodness thank you for all the wonderful review, friends. But I must know, why are so many of you accusing me of stealing my own funtoon? I MUST KNOW please help me

This is a fun wacky animutation I whipped up in about four days. I hope you all enjoy it! Please do not be offended by the usage of Hitler in this movie! I love everybody!... really! Once again, sorry about the size. This is about three minutes long, and any further compression would distort the audio. So all you 56k folk out there could use this loading time to go get a snack or bring democracy to Cuba or something. Anyhow, enjoy!
Please write reviews! I like reviews!

Oh yeah, please tell me if this is laggy for you. I am getting minor lag, however my machine is dilapitated. So its hard to tell really.

Update: it seems that this movie has attracted a small cult. I love you all. I now have included the name of the song used in the movie. Live long and prosper, my children!


Engrish is being fun!

Engrish am funnyman! Hot sarutations r belong 2 u!!!!1 We am liking! More we need!!1 Care U teeth! Floss good.

OMG H1tl3r 4m t3h 1337!

1 n3v3r kn3w H1tl3r c0uld b3 s0 funny. 1 m34n, h3 w4s fr1ck1n' 3v1l!

...4nd wh4t t3h guy b3f0r3 m3 s41d (but 1n 1337sp34k)


Wow, that is some funny-assed shit you made there, man! I thought the visuals were outragously absurd in a humorous fashion, but some were just strange as hell...like the one where the ghost lady goes up to the camera! Where the hell do you find these fruity Engrish songs?! They are in need of a good fanimutation! The eyes popping out was kind of retarded, but it made me laugh my ass off! I seem to find a pattern in these fanimutations: they all have random images/.gifs that usually have no relation to the flash; but are used as visual aids/gags so it adds on to how absurdly hillarious these things are! I also read that warning in the begining of the song...that was just some filler...a lot of filler was used in this which lowered the score; but overall a great parody!



This is genius stuff... putting Alex Chiu in it was simply the icing on the cake. I've watched this movie every single morning and it leaves me short of breath every single time. Eye-poppingly irrelevant. 10s across the board.

One of my favorite, if not, my favorite animutatio

This is truly a classic. You should be awarded a medal for this masterpiece!

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4.02 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2002
5:50 AM EST
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