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We Drink Ritalin

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9/26/04 -- My goodness thank you for all the wonderful review, friends. But I must know, why are so many of you accusing me of stealing my own funtoon? I MUST KNOW please help me

This is a fun wacky animutation I whipped up in about four days. I hope you all enjoy it! Please do not be offended by the usage of Hitler in this movie! I love everybody!... really! Once again, sorry about the size. This is about three minutes long, and any further compression would distort the audio. So all you 56k folk out there could use this loading time to go get a snack or bring democracy to Cuba or something. Anyhow, enjoy!
Please write reviews! I like reviews!

Oh yeah, please tell me if this is laggy for you. I am getting minor lag, however my machine is dilapitated. So its hard to tell really.

Update: it seems that this movie has attracted a small cult. I love you all. I now have included the name of the song used in the movie. Live long and prosper, my children!

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It is so creative and fun! The colors really drew me in. I like how random and unexpected everything is (which helps with the funniness of it), and the song is very good, it complements the video well! The fake subliminal messages really got me laughing, too. Not once was I bored or irritated through this whole thing! ^^
Truly a classic animutation, fully deserving 5 stars!
(Yes, the inclusion of Hitler is a bit questionable, but I understand that it's for the unexpected nature of it, rather than to offend people or deify him, so it's all right in my book.)

Wish this Meme will come back!

nice meme

I have been watching this video off and on since it was originally posted (nearly i would say) back when I was in high school. Still never gets old.

Funfact: This is a cover of a song, remixed (presumably) for DDR. The song is called Hot-Limit and this version is by John Desire. And yes, the entire thing is in horribly accented english, and there are lyrics too!

I remember when this and AYBABTU was new. I hung around GameFAQs mostly, and now I wonder how many people would get what I mean when I say "We drink Ritalin."

Good times. God, I miss when the Internet wasn't so dramatic, and we knew how to have a good time.