Battle game (beta test)

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I was a little bored so i made this and decided i would make a close to impossible to beat version of this game... but yea dont rate to hard please lol

-i also forgot to put in the custom preloader i made it will be in my next 1 =D

heres how it works-
click your choice
-normal attack hits 2 times
-Range hits once but powerfully
-Heal heals you randomly (0-500)
the enemy
-the enemy attacks normal and hits somewhere between (0-3000)
-the small bar under the enemies hp is the magical charge thingy... everytime after you attack it generates a random number (0-5) if that number is 4 (in the fourth section of the bar) or higher then the enemy will use a special attack which hits (0-18000). However the number doesnt add after the enemy attacks it resets to 0. ex- turn 1 he gets 2 then second turn he gets 3, it wont add up to 5 and make him use his spec.
-the enemy has 40,000 hp unlike how i originally had it (75,000 hp)

well thats it, good luck!


2 ezy

nuff sed

too hard :P

pretty nice but to hard he did imba attack all the time so i died xD


i cant wait for the new one

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good beta game

i liked it cant wait for the real one

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Nice work

For a beta version this is really good. Can't wait to see the upgrade.

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3.82 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
10:28 PM EDT
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