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Flipping ninja-moves

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Author Comments

So, here's my second flash. It's a frame-by-frame animation about ninjas fighting on the rooftops. This is the first time I use any kind of colors or music. I hope you like, or at least wont blam it. And please leave constructive criticism!

And thanks to WikkiXS for his kind words.

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A ninja died. Tis a sad day.

I really liked this one :D even though the view was from afar, it was still great! Next thing you should do (If you make a sequel) is maybe add new scenarios and some fighting sound effects. Overall, nice music, Great for a first FBF animation, and Ninjas, still win.

Lare responds:

Whoa, you gave THIS a 9? Thanks. And I don't think I'll make a sequel, but thanks for the tips anyway.


-insert ninja review here-

Lare responds:

-insert ninja response here-

Cool moves!

Way cool yeah!!! :D Nice moves.

Lare responds:

Why thank you.

How ninja

Very ninja, I liked it but it kinda needs a ninja cutting pirates open then sucking their organs out with a straw.

Lare responds:

Damn, that would've been cool. Why didn't think of that when I was making this?


Well, definitely could improve.
But, you did a good job. Good sound syncing, and some good bits, for example the ninja bomb throwing, was done quite well.
However, too many flaws.
There should be a stopallsounds(); script at the end of the movie, incase people want to replay it without the song screwing up.
Most of the animation was choppy. When someone falls down, they aren't standing up one second, and down the next. Take into account poses and anatomy, i.e. the back would be bent, arms out.
The backgrounds need some details. They're there for the whole thing, they should look at least a little pretty! this can be helped with gradient backgrounds, and a little bit of shading.

But I liked the ending, last frame was good, and title was good.

I realize your still learning, and this is a good start. My first few animations were atrocious, I'll never let them see the light of day again.

Anyway, next time probably include a menu, customize your preloader, and make the animation fluid. Good try man!

Lare responds:

Thanks! That's what I call constuctive critism. When I made this animation, I had no idea how to use scripts, so that's why music sounds pretty bad. And animation is lousy just because I was too lazy when I drew it. I didn't have a tablet, so that's why it looks so unfinished. But I'm very glad there something you liked about it.

And thanks again for the review!

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2008
3:06 PM EDT