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KH: Coliseum of Oblivion1

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Kingdom Hearts: Coliseum of Oblivion
Part One: The Beginning

In this episode, Sora finds himself in the Coliseum of Oblivion & meets an unlikely (possibly likely) foe.

It doesn't go for very long at all, because of the sound the file size went WAY up.
This episode is really boring but I hope it stays on here. If it doesn't, the others won't make any sense at all!

This episode & the next one are probably going to be really boring but, bare with me. They'll get better once you finish Episode 2. The battles can't be lost until then, so it's pretty boring.
All you can do is attack.
But, bare with me a little while.


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good game

where is part 5?
i want to see him!


Waiting for number 5!


sorry, zostead, but I'M kindom hearts' no. 1 fan. now, onto the review. i see you copied the title screen from kingdom hearts chain of memories, but still, great game, and can't wait for episode 5.


why is it so short!!!!! I need longer ones! animation was pretty good though.


blam ha