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A retro-style sidescrolling shooter -- think Metal Slug with ragdoll physics. Five challenging levels, from snowy mountain bases to the tops of moving trains. Use pistols, sub-machine guns, lasers and explosives as you fight your way through an army of soldiers, robots, helicopters, jetpackers, and a handful of epic bosses.

WASD or arrows to move
mouse to aim and shoot
1234 - switch weapons
Esc/P - Pause

For better performance advice to play in Pop-Up.

Frontpage wohooo!!! Thanks a lot!

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What could've been a pretty decent run 'n gun's ruined by bullsh*t difficulty, floaty controls, levels that drag on forever, waves of damage-sponge enemies that overwhelm and shred you in seconds because your character's too big and slow to be able to avoid 90% of their bullets and you have no mercy invincibility, oh and no music. A crosshair like in Combat Heaven would also have been nice.

The nostalgia from playing this game many years ago is real, I'd decided to give it a try so I can finally post a review for this great game and also just have some fun blasting away those robots and soldiers ;^)

The ragdoll physics on this are amazing, they function very well and make the gameplay feel much more fluid and funny, especially when you kill those soldiers with the jet packs and then they just wander off into nowhere xD
Despite the fact we only have four weapons in total, they are all very different and have various use cases where they are more or less effective (e.g. laser beam good when many enemies are lined up, grenade launcher is amazing against strong enemies which are close to each other).

Overall, combat system was great and entertaining, level design was brilliant and the performance was very nice too, despite having a few small hiccups here and there. I've just got the fifth stage left to beat and then I'll finally beat the game after all those years! :D

So nostalgic, i remember playing it back in 2012.

I like when man funni die

I'ts really good game!

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2008
4:06 PM EDT