Torch Runner

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You're a world class runner tasked with carrying the torch for the Summer Games through the streets of New York. Passers by want to put the flame out so, as you run, you must avoid their water pistols. Look out for oncoming cars, rainclouds and if you make it to Central Park, watch out for out-of-control hoses too.

Get to the finish line as quickly as you can and with as much of your torch intact as possible. You'll incur a time penalty for percentage of the flame lost.


I liked it :) The only difficult part for me was the storm clouds. They were impossible to dodge! Other than that, really nice :D




Liked it alot, but the game was a bit repetative. Maybe instead of having just one level you could make many different levels that you'd have to run through in different major cities of the world. MAybe their could be hills or you have to cross a bridge surrounded by water. You could also add up-grades to the runner such as speed boost, maybe a different uniform that gives different properties to him or even a temporary shield that protects the runner from the water. Nice game and really good graphics.

Awesome graphics! but...

Wow the graphics were really good, even 3d! But gameplay was really boring and repetitive. Gameplay is too short and there isnt anything that would keep me playing, after half a minute I have seen (almost) all *enemys*, and running around with a torch is a bit boring. You should add something more too it like upgrades.

The movement of the guy with the torch is not that great either. You should make him faster to run sideways, make the acceleration faster etc... just speed up gameplay. You could then also add more enemys too balance it out. I was hoping this would be some sort of fast paced game, but gameplay rather seemed a bit slow.


Dull and repetitive.
Graphics are shoddy and pixelated.

oh and btw.....if u get hit by a car head on..... you're not getiing back up.

willcheng responds:

Sorry, sounds like this game wasn't for you. Oh well, hope you like some of our other submissions.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
7:14 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid