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Flying Steel

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1945 the war is coming to an end... the allied forces are closing in on the Nazis, when suddenly things are starting to change, there are rumors regarding a new weapon that's destroying our forces one by one at the European front, no one saw it and lived to tell... you are sent as a one man reckon force to find out the Nazis Secret Weapon!

Aircraft movement - mouse
Shot - mouse click
Nuke bomb - Space
Pause - P


Nice Job

loved the graphics and the enemies following you, LOTS of action and shooting. btw nice graphics on the snow phase.
to conclude a nice game with lots of action, don't expect more then a browser game :)


If you're going to copy a game EXACTLY, you really shouldn't expect a good score. Whats in this game has been seen before countless times. Just add something original! Like maybe you can customize the look of the plane before starting, or you can buy upgrades/powerups with points. Also think about if the game was from the top going down instead of having the plane on the bottom of the screen flying up. Just ideas to make this game worth playing...


fun game
kinda repetitive after a while
however good controls an grafics


The power ups should stay with you for the game.


This game is exactly like a GameTop shooter. You added nothing new or anything. The only thing that keeps this game up are the graphics, but awesome graphics dont make an awesome game. Thiink of something new too add to it, or just add some upgrades and powerups. Else this game gets really boring fast. Theres noting to keep me playing. Normal boring level design always the same.

Try making something original with your skill, cause you have the skill it needs maybe you are just lacking ideas.

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Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
6:31 AM EDT
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