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Jul 25, 2008 | 5:48 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 29, 2008
  • Daily Feature July 26, 2008
  • Weekly 4th Place July 30, 2008

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Author Comments

** Patch 2.3 - Really just bug fixes and general tuning. Nothing of specific note. (Patch 2.2 was made for Kongregate and therefor did not apply to NG).

** Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes can be found on my Userpage if you want the details of what was added and changed.

A note that the old game had that I left out here - This game is kinda hard on the framerate (my fault), especially when things are hectic onscreen. There is an FPS counter that you can turn on in the Options menu. If everything seems to be moving slow, check it. The game SHOULD be hovering around 30 frames a second. If you're dipping significantly or constantly, there are a couple things you can do: If it's mostly a problem when tons of things are happening onscreen all at once, you can turn down the Spawn Limit in the options menu. This will put a soft limit on the number of enemies on screen at once, and potentially help keep the game from bogging down to far. You can also (obviously) turn down the Quality a notch, as I've found this helps a lot. Just fiddle with things until you get the game running where you are comfortable with it.

Another note - If the sense of mystery and randomness is not your thing, and you want some guidance as to how to do and see everything (and advice on which Rewards to pick, to boot!) OmegaMario has composed a Guide for players based on his playing of the game. Keep in mind that this is full of **SPOILERS** (that's sorta the point, really) and I was not involved in it's creation - everything here he discovered and composed on his own. Bravo, I say!

Find it here: http://omegamario.newgrou

A brand new version of my previous game, Amorphous+ is a fast paced, hectic melee of multicolored blobs. Veterans of the older version will recognize the following new features:
*PAUSE* - omg, press spacebar
*Progress Saving* - Now with a sense of continuity and accomplishment!
*Awards* - Gain awards to mark your achievements as you play
*Rewards* - As you earn awards, you will unlock useful tools and abilities to help you survive
along with a number of little tweaks and additions.

The music is Still all by Revolution Void - which you can disable in the Options menu - but you shouldn't, because they're awesome.

Hope you enjoy it!

ProTip: You can just click through all the intro crap at the beginning to get to the game. You're welcome.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great additions

I've played the original a long while back, and it came as a pleasant surprise to see that you've added quite a bit of neat incentives, like the awards, saving, and the most important one: the pause button. Heheh.

Again, the descriptions you took the time to type up and stick in really fleshed it out. You have a better control of vocabulary than a lot of other petty authors on Newgrounds, and even though there's no plot or clear cut motivation for our little hero with the big sword, there's still a large amount of humor and fun to be obtained from this gem. It's hilarious how the screen starts to get covered and bogged down by the swarming and bouncing "multicolored blobs," and the insanity keeps ramping up when oil slicks slash the screen, acid and splatter runs across the battlefield, and fuzzy animals and spikes charge at you from all directions. I find the gameplay to be of a real refreshing style, far different than many of the other flash games out there, and in its simplicity, still one of the best of them all.

There's an amazing wealth of ideas roaming about in this game, and I have to wonder whether you just had a flash of inspiration and decided to make a flash game with myriad kinds of blobs. Somehow, the synthesis of all of the enemies and the simplicity of the combat transforms what could have been another boring, unoriginal clickfest into a carefully made strategic action game emboldened by its uniqueness and richened by the flavor text that you painstakingly typed in. There's a huge amount of factors to consider as one plays this, ranging from a simple "slash or run" when a cowardly purple blob stares down, to an incredibly panicked, adrenaline-pumped "which way do I fucking run" when spikes, animals, and acid approach like predators to the blob hunter.

Through all of this, the intertwined awards and rewards serve as beautiful and cleverly named achievements and incentive. Slashing a huge conglomerate of killer goo and seeing the satisfying award fade in from the bottom of the screen adds another layer to the already fascinating and addicting game. I think you've done a most awesome job at putting this together again with the little flairs and flourishes, and this game seriously is a contender for one of the best time-killers on Newgrounds.

I don't know if I could possibly add more ideas for improvements, since admittedly, I haven't even uncovered all the blobs yet. Maybe give the guy some new attacks, or make another style of play that has a health system to appeal to players that don't have the time to plumb the depths of the strategies in the game? >.>

You have to make another one of this, and you must use your ridiculous creativity and conceptual ideas to shape another excellent, exemplary game. This is amazingly good--I want to play more from you.

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innocuousGames responds:

First, I'm always pleased to hear the opinions of people who've played the old version (and extra nice to see people playing this version who were supporters of the game even in it's original, bare-bones form).

To be perfectly honest, this game grew out of nothing. The first pieces of this game were my first images and bits of code to ever create in flash, and I just sort of continued building on it and adding to it until it eventually became this. So I guess in a sense it was sort of an accident.

It's so satisfying to hear people enjoying playing with it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I do have several other flash projects planned, but as I've mentioned I do it as a passtime and I'm a bit ADD when it comes to my projects... so I'm not promising anything, but hopefully you'll see some new (and completely different) things from me in the future.

Thank you for a great review and I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I never add games too my favourites.

This made an exeption...

innocuousGames responds:

You flatter me.

I'm thrilled you're enjoying it, and I hope you continue to. Thanks for the comment!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Insidious rather than Innocuous

Its easy to think, that as one of the playtesters of this and other builds by the time it went live I'd have little incentive to really start to play all over again. But thats the real danger of this game, it manages to work under your skin so that when you think you are settling down for a nest you find yourself looking at the clock an hour later.

First and foremost, the most damning factor to time is that it seems with almost every death there is something you clearly could have done better. Something to drive you to press retry instead of closing the window in some mute frustration. And oh that frustration does come after you've run nine minutes of a bounty run and a triangle of fuzzles feel the need for a taste of Nameless Protagonist A. With every stroke of the Splatmaster you can see a better one just to the left or right. Assured you could surely do better, just a bit better. Maybe finish, maybe get another award you find your morning gone.

With a full bestiary now (and for those of you who have seen the most dangerous of monsters, those unfortunate or lucky few...) every battle works itself out in its own way. The elegant simplicity of the control scheme makes it seem so light until the odds are so firmly stuck against you. Even with the addition of a few rewards (The Teleporter being my favorite with the Hazard Suit rating a strong second for those of you looking for a little advice) the focus stays on your personal skill rather than the aid of them. Its not something you can easily blame on input the way keyboard movement works more often. Learning the rules can take hours or days of how everything plays out and once you've learned all the nice little tricks the gameplay really does transform into an almost strategic exercise in risk assessment and management.

The nonsensical nature of the core gameplay - no story for these strange creatures which have appeared anywhere and everywhere - is married with the soundtrack that seems to cause some players some duress. Its a matter of whimsy and not everything truly has to be so serious as to need a dramatic battle score. I blame Square.

The obsessive compulsive completionist in me demands grabbing the low hanging fruit of the awards just around the corner then breaking my neck for even that highest, sweetest morsel. And yet its actually the quality of life improvements from the first Amorphous that makes this game so sweet and pleasant. Pausing, saving, an improved menu system and better options and control all save those petty annoyances that could at times ruin the first.

The rewards all serve a unique purpose and add a lot to the gameplay, without unbalancing things (with the notable exception of course of the special reward). The added graphics and effects provide a more vivid experience though the Saw Drone noise does for me with a spazzy subwoofer occasionally grate just a bit. Like everything else in this game, there is a lot more to their use than it first appears, more sides to the coin than our normal experience would suggest. Trying out new combinations and getting things to interact with different glooples is half the fun of discovery.

It isn't a perfect game though some have suggested otherwise. I think the idea of a perfect game is more a quixotic idea, one that serves great purpose to quest after but is not the true measuring bar. As long as we have our own tastes, our own skills and the reality of time barring development, we won't ever see perfection. That doesn't mean the aim for it isn't crucial to everyone and the idea of perfecting on an original concept can of course be done. And in that I do think this game is a great success. An iteration of an idea with a closer to perfect vision than it had before.

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innocuousGames responds:

With nothing to add or rebuke in this (wonderfully written) review, let me just thank ShiningIdeal for his indespensible help with the game as it was in development and thank him again for a beautiful review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Game, One Question

Nice idea, but maybe I'm missing something. Do you have any sort of health? Or is it an all or nothing system? IE, is there any downside to being hit by the green gooples other than being stunned?

innocuousGames responds:


Nope, you're either dead or you're not. The only downside of getting bumped is that you're staggered for a second, and likely TO be dead in a second. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i don't really think this deserves a first place, personally.

It's alright, but it gets pretty old pretty fast.

Still, kept me amused for a few minutes, so 7/10 3/5

Try to add things for your character to do. More atacks, different controls (ie keyboard), maybe be able to move around a map instead of a single area.

innocuousGames responds:

Hey, if you didn't like it, you didn't like it, no need to be sorry.

The controls are a bit different. WASD I like, but it doesn't allow for the type of fine movement adjustments that I personally think this kind of "thread-the-needle" game needs. Plus the whole mouse-chase thing is unusual, and you can play it with just one hand (sort of... pause and Reward-use not withstanding).

It's designed to be really simple but deep, which isn't everyone's thing (like the music, har har).

Thanks for playing it!