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** Patch 2.3 - Really just bug fixes and general tuning. Nothing of specific note. (Patch 2.2 was made for Kongregate and therefor did not apply to NG).

** Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes can be found on my Userpage if you want the details of what was added and changed.

A note that the old game had that I left out here - This game is kinda hard on the framerate (my fault), especially when things are hectic onscreen. There is an FPS counter that you can turn on in the Options menu. If everything seems to be moving slow, check it. The game SHOULD be hovering around 30 frames a second. If you're dipping significantly or constantly, there are a couple things you can do: If it's mostly a problem when tons of things are happening onscreen all at once, you can turn down the Spawn Limit in the options menu. This will put a soft limit on the number of enemies on screen at once, and potentially help keep the game from bogging down to far. You can also (obviously) turn down the Quality a notch, as I've found this helps a lot. Just fiddle with things until you get the game running where you are comfortable with it.

Another note - If the sense of mystery and randomness is not your thing, and you want some guidance as to how to do and see everything (and advice on which Rewards to pick, to boot!) OmegaMario has composed a Guide for players based on his playing of the game. Keep in mind that this is full of **SPOILERS** (that's sorta the point, really) and I was not involved in it's creation - everything here he discovered and composed on his own. Bravo, I say!

Find it here: http://omegamario.newgrou nds.com/

A brand new version of my previous game, Amorphous+ is a fast paced, hectic melee of multicolored blobs. Veterans of the older version will recognize the following new features:
*PAUSE* - omg, press spacebar
*Progress Saving* - Now with a sense of continuity and accomplishment!
*Awards* - Gain awards to mark your achievements as you play
*Rewards* - As you earn awards, you will unlock useful tools and abilities to help you survive
along with a number of little tweaks and additions.

The music is Still all by Revolution Void - which you can disable in the Options menu - but you shouldn't, because they're awesome.

Hope you enjoy it!

ProTip: You can just click through all the intro crap at the beginning to get to the game. You're welcome.

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Many things need to be fixed in this game but considering the age it probably won't ever happen. First off the janky ass hitboxes are incredibly misleading and leads to many undeserved deaths. This goes for the enemies as well as the damn sword you use through 100% of the damn game (barring if you end up getting the razor glaive). Majority of the "rewards" are complete hogwash with a few actually being useful so unless you want to be ripped off look up what each reward is and choose accordingly to usefulness. Lastly a few enemies are downright unfair such as the torchie whose explosion is almost unavoidable considering his speed and the explosions range. If the game was fine tuned a little more this could easily be a 5 star classic but alas I don't see that happening.

Sometimes it is impossible to survive as you can't move, even by a hair!

This game literally was my childhood.
hint: Combo gear to make it look different, try the Hazmat suit and the Armor :)

Such a great era for flash games. This is a timeless classic.

Finally 100% completed. This is a great classic, simple game, though it is not without a few flaws:

1) Awards take forever
Admit it, how many of you completed the game without using the practice->go->RC back->single nest->RC forward->small/big/huge exploit? And without reading the guide on what the awards/rewards are there?

2) A few unfair enemies
Most of the enemies are really interesting to play against, but I feel only 2 of them are truly unfair while 2 others are borderline.
a) Frosties - really fast & homing, if you are within the AOE when it collides you get frozen. If you manage to stay far enough only a couple shakes will free you from ice. However, if you're using the Hazard Suit, you will always receive a fixed amount of damage regardless. The most annoying thing about Frosties is that they have no apparent weakness, and will definitely freeze everything in the area upon collision with even other glooples. tl;dr - pretty much unavoidable.
b) Horrors - pretty much luck-based because they don't telegraph their attacks and refuse to use their special attack, which is the only way to kill them, unless you are far away from them. That means you won't be able to kill a Horror if you don't have Sprint, especially if you are using the Razor Glaive sword.
Borderline Cases: Void Eater & Razor Queen. Void Eater cannot be beaten in 1v1 if he uses that blackhole attack, since he will stay in that form indefinitely until something collides into him or gets close enough to explode. Razor Queen is luck-based in that you're pretty much screwed if she decides to use that 'turret mode' attack; a lot of videos I see beating her never using that move. It also doesn't help that the sword hitbox can feel pretty wonky at times.

Otherwise, this would've been a 5/5 game.

For future players,
The awards:
* Kill all enemies once, then kill them again lots of times. The more troublesome ones should take between 5-20 total kills. Queen & Razor Queen needs 3 & 2 respectively.
* 10 minutes Practice mode.
* In one swing: kill 8 enemies, kill 300 points worth of enemies, kill 4 different types of enemies. For the 8 in one swing, you'd want to do it by stacking a lot of purple Clutters on your screen and then swing twice.
* Beat all nests.
* Beat a nest without making a mistake.
* Beat a nest with a purple Clutter still stuck on your body.
* Die 100 times. Also die in 15 unique ways.
* Play total 1 hour 30min.
* Get exactly 777 score.
* Reach 3000 scorepoints in one run.
* Stay alive for 10min in Bounty Run mode.
* Pause for 2 min.
* Don't attack for 30s.
* Kill something while blinded by Inkie.
* Walk on the small fire trail that Torchie leaves behind (put out 10 of them).
* Kill at least 2 enemies per swing 10 consecutive times.
* Survive being blinded, frozen, exploded & burnt(use sticky slime).
* Get completely stunned by purple Clutters.
The rest of the awards you can get by normal play easily.

The rewards from left to right:
Sprint - hold to run faster. Recharge stamina if standing still. Recommended.
Grenade - throw an explosive. Don't bother.
Lure - throw a gas grenade that attracts some basic enemies. Don't know if it helps with the 8 in 1 kill award, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.
Inhibitor - slows down spawn rate. Useless.
Hazard Suit - protects from sticky slime/acid/freezing/ink in a manner similar to a HP bar.d HIGHLY recommended!
Saw drone - throw a homing blade that goes after enemies. Fun but not essential.
(Row 2)Instant Wall - throw a grenade that creates a wall. Don't bother.
Repulsor - a device that makes enemies less likely to get close to the area where its planted. Don't bother.
Box Gun - place a turret that will automatically shoot enemies. HIGHLY recommended for killing Razor Queen!
Teleporter - place device at desired location. Whenever you use it again, you'll teleport to that spot.
Reactive Armor - essentially an extra life that also causes certain piercing attacks & Torchie touch to become bumps instead, but won't save you from acid or getting rolled over or disintegrated. HIGHLY recommended.
Razor Glaive - only unlocked by killing a Razor Queen. It can kill almost anything in one hit and slightly better reach at the cost of slower movement speed and a bit harder to hit at very close range. Notably, Razor Queen takes 2 hits, Grinders take 3 hits(1st hit will will remove invulnerability but will cause you to recoil), Amalgams take up to 3 hits.

Troublesome enemies (assuming no Razor Glaive):
Sharp - Either knock them off the map, or get behind them (make sure they are not running into a slime puddle) and then slash when their spikes are retracted.
Grinder - Ignore it unless you are willing to make it run into an acid and then slash it 5 times. Reactive Armor will not save you. Razor Glaive makes attacking Grinders viable, but it is still recommended to let them run into acid or each other to avoid recoil.
Tochie - Don't slash it until it is no longer on fire. It will eventually stop burning, just make sure it doesn't run into fire again. You can also lure it into slime or acid to put out the fire. This still applies if you have Razor Glaive.
Frostie - Nothing you can really do except dodge it and hope it goes off the map, unless you're willing to sacrifice Hazard Suit HP or shake off being frozen after slashing it as far as possible. Reactive Armor will not save you from being frozen, but it can buy you time. This still applies if you have Razor Glaive.
Gray - Bait it into using its lance attack, then attack his body. If you can't dodge, you can parry his lance.
Amalgam - Just keep slashing at the big one and don't let it eat other glooples. This still applies if you have Razor Glaive.
Horror - Stay far away and move in circles (don't sprint). When he uses his special attack, rush in and slash his body before the sawblades return. Reactive Armor will not kill him. This still applies if you have Razor Glaive.
Void Eater - Don't get near him. Get him to use his laser attack, and then rush in and slash once. If he uses his blackhole attack instead, you are screwed unless he pulls another gloople into himself. This still applies if you have Razor Glaive.

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