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I've been working super-hard on this and it's taken me a while to accomplish this, but...I've finally completed 1/30 of SFC. That's right, there's going to be 30 episodes. Each episode will have AT LEAST 1 different character.

Here's the rules:
1-SFC (Sprite Fight Chronicles) has NO storyline; AT ALL
2-SFC has NO talking; just action
3-SFC works one way; it's a deathmatch and more than one opponent can play at a time. The winner will move to the next episode, as the loser is put out of the SFC series all together (unless something awesome happens).

The song is Tombstone, by me (Haden Scott)! It's pretty cool; thought that it would be cool to have it on this flash.

SFC I is a fight to the death between Alex (River City Ransom) and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece). Who will triumph and prevail to the next round, and who will lose?

Oh, if you have a character idea for SFC II, then leave a comment or PM me. Thanks and have a great time watching my video!


u suck at this......

joking.. its really good.. but its to short!

...Is that it? Could've been better.

It was...IMO not horrible,but at the same time not decent.
The physics sucked...alot. It was very slow, especially when Luffy headbutted him, that guy should've easily avoided it. The fight was only about 20 secs, and the sound FX was horendous. It was fuzzy and was drowned out by the music,which was also fuzzy and loud. I'll guess that you probably don't know how to compress music and sounds so...

Right click the file in the library and hit "export settings"
I usually use 32kbs and Medium or best for the quality.
Experiment with it and you may find something you like better.

All in all it was a good try, but to slow. Your frame rate was between 12fps and 15fps right? Work with a higher frame rate compress your sounds, and the characters should at least try to dodge instead of just standing there.


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HellBentGoose responds:

Luffy was holding Alex when he headbutted him, so of course he couldn't run or jump.
I admit that part was the slowest, but the fight..? It was a minute long! The sound was aight, but it was a bit fuzzy I agree. The SFX was ok IMO. I had the fps set to 10 fps (sounds crazy, i know), only because you could see Alex's combo on Luffy later on.

And they do dodge...just not very often! lol

Thanks for reviewing, and I will try to get better. Idk though, alot of games are starting to come out and I'm in the "game" phase again. So it might be awhile before 'ol Haden gets to work.

nice song!

damn that was good! nice flash!! keep up the good work with this! and plz try to make tusf as fast as possible! i cant wait fr that to come out!

HellBentGoose responds:

Thanks and I will try (If I wasn't the only one working on it, it'd be easier)

pretty good

i mean its not the best thing in the world but its still good none the less

HellBentGoose responds:


You know normally i wouldnt do this considering...

I tend to ignore stupid-ass reviews for my flash movies, but i had to watch your stuff and lol at your pitiful review.

Now let see. You claim you have so much experience with flash and sprites, yet you come out with this movie? No im sorry but i have taught people how to do flash and have produced more quality in 4 months then in your 3 years of experience.

Aside from that rant, this movie, was everything i WOULDN'T do now. Your sound quality, is horrendous. So many years with flash exp and sprite movies, you should know the standard of movies. The characters just stand there and take a beating. Crappy choice in music, barely audible sound effects, and horrible move execution. Also the movie was WAY to short for a file your size, which brings me to believe that your MENU took up all that room, (which wasn't even that great).

Despite all that im still giving you a 4 because i dont give 0 for stupid ass reasons, despite being told that im an "embarrassment to the the sprite community"

I look forward to reviewing your progress >=)


HellBentGoose responds:

..So I guess that I should ignore yours then, giving you a taste of your own medicine, so then you have nothing to argue about, hmmm?

Let's see...I know this probably means NOTHING to you, but you're older. I'm only 16, and if you're age is RIGHT, you're 20. No big whoop, but the older you are the more experience you got.

If it took you 4 months to take part in that Ness collab, you suck (no offense). I really don't give a damn if you think like that, saying shit about "I wouldn't even post that". You know, that's you. We're different, understand?

And who told you that I've only been working for 3 years?

Glad to hear it, cause I don't want a thief!
Not really, must be your computer. Hence you're the ONLY person who's complained thus far.
So, Master Douche bag, what IS the standard, hmmm?
I tried turning them up in Audacity, but it didn't work. I could hear them just fine, you must have problems o.O
I thought it went well, and my opinion dominates yours (in my mind).
Probably. The menu was way better than I could ever do.

Well, you might be...Depends on who's watching and who's not, hmmm?

Me too buddy! I'll be right back at 'ya!

Thanks anyways for your review though. You can complain ALL YOU WANT, but notice you're the only one saying this. Who knows, you might be going a -wee- bit mental (lol).

And don't act all high and mighty, just because some of your movies scored higher than mine. Seriously, take a pill (more like the whole bottle).

Don't over re-act to this,

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Jul 19, 2008
11:06 PM EDT
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