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bubbleheads ep.1

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this is what happens when you have a crap wooden boat
layers: 25
sounds: 9
frames: 861
80 library items
running time: 35.8 seconds
FPS: 24

hope you enjoy first episode me and jeroni-moo want to make this a series so if you enjoy this one keep an eye out for further episodes of bubbleheads

edit: like happy tree friends we do not want voices in this series we want little squeeks and wotnot so dont comment on the lack of sound plz theres plenty of sound effects in there

sounds from freesoundproject and flashkit.com
thanks to jeroni-moo for original idea and character design

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XD 5 seconds XD

lol Nice. Is it really five seconds longer? XD
I liked it. Dudes got eatned by a fish. I like fish. You get a cookie.


it's actually quite cute. People should be really retarded to not get "the plot" xDD
But indeed, you can do a much better job if you add something to it. Or well, just make the next episodes better!

diaz123 responds:

thx at least sum1 knows wot im getting at :D yes i will make them longer thx for that


its 10 seconds long, the intros longer than the show!and whey did he fly out of the water?you made the degining interesting but the show wus for a def guy<add some sound.

diaz123 responds:

theres lots of sound i have no voice actors and actually the cartoons about 5 secs longer than the intro :D

what is this!

What the hell was going on? i dont understand this. plus, it was like 15 seconds long. try again, because i think that this may have potential, but you have to make the plot visible.

diaz123 responds:

yeh sorry about that well actually he gets pulled into the water the the giant wateva it is in the water flings him up then the other guy drowns and get ate alive


i liked the intro more than the movie

diaz123 responds:

lol personally i think intro is crap im sorry u feel that way i will make the rest of the series longer and a shorter less disturbing intro