Meat Mansion

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Imagine yourself stuck in a dark and eery place, where moans echoes the dark damp room, with the smell of blood and rotting flesh drowns your senses... Imagine exploring the place... no lights... only your flashlight... imagine surviving in a place where creatures hiding in the dark corners are waiting to feast on your guts.

You play as a man stuck inside a horrible mansion, with point and click gameplay where you try to locate items and tools to help you move along the mansion.


resident evil meets dementium the ward, fucking epic!

It's a mansion, and it's full of meat whats not to like...other then the game play, but hey I am sure if I was stuck in a mansion, full of zombies, women who are missing a arm, as well as carry a axe, and sound like a voice clip from something better, I would most likely be as shitty as this game.

It was fun to kill things, so 2 stars.

this game is the most fantastic, the style of the game resident evil


Not a lot of things scare me, so being able to scared me on such a level that's on par with Silent Hill or BioShock really shows that you know how to bring in genuine scares that most medias of today don't know how to deliver. This sort of reminds me of House of the Dead except you take things at your own level with puzzles from Resident Evil. Essentially you've mixed two great franchises into one great series. I look forward to a potential sequel from you. Once again, this is a flash game of the highest calibar and is not to be overlooked.

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MAD Game

Kinda like a mix of grudge and fear great monsters pretty loud jumped a few scary And grusome Nice shooter/puzzle/horror bloody awsome game. See if you can get Out the mansion and suvive without a scratch without using medi kits and have Leftover ammo and beat 63990 Final score Good Luck :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2008
6:05 AM EDT
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