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Feed'N Frenzy

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I started out making a simple 2d game, then started adding more and more. I then put in surface water which was difficult to adjust the splash for the speed of the gravity. The water was first full of different items such as plants and other items, however memory was consumed. I have tried to trim the game down to use the least memory as possible but its hard to get all the effects you want when sacrificing. So i change the fish AI for the bait to act passive when outside play view. If i start from the ground floor again in the attempt of a version 2, there might be success in game speed enhancements. This is the first game i have put online, i plan on uploading more when i have time. Finishing a game is the hardest, i can start them but its hard to finish them.

When you have a green bar! you can hit space to boost,
when you have a yellow bar! jump out of the water hit space and you can fly for one minute
when you have red! you are extra fast as long as your well fed,
purple when the bar is full, you are invincible......



Fun and goodlookinggame, but it's hard. Would have been great if there would have been some kind of evolution-feature...(possibly there were, but I sucked too much to realise..?)

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It's a good game...

...But you might consider making the... um... thing bigger, as it eats the other things!

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There is nothing more to say

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BIG fish too fast
medium big fishes too fast
sea mind too rare
bar filling rate too slow
bar dropping rate too fast

jjwallace responds:

the mines are rare because they are a tool for scaring away the big fish, they dont hurt you........ yeah, well,,,, the blue custom is comming out in a day or so

Very Fun

But hard lol

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4.08 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2008
10:06 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 4th Place July 17, 2008