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Don't Panic!
This is not a very challenging game. It's just an interactive toy. Something to make the way more important then the target. No bad guys to kill and no hoops to jump through.
The sounds are taken from a new album I made as Cherly KaCherly called "Drop a 4 note Soundtrack". The images and the air telescope are taken from the animation movie I made called "Drop".
The movie is not online, but the album is free to download (or stream) through Birdsong netlabel( http://birdsong.co.il ) under Creative Commons.
Enjoy and remember: Slower is better.
Front page!! A year after the game came out. Thanks



didn't get it at all. i'm more of a punk and hardcore person, not into this hippy music. and it did get a bit annoying after a while. looked pretty though, very nice artwork. the music just wasnt for me.

Hello What do we have here?

Wow, this is a very interesting piece of work you got here. The graphics are very Davinci-esque I must say. You gotta love those sound effects that go along too. This is probably the best thing I've seen all week. Keep up the good work!

hya nir

altought the art was great and the music was great, this is not much of a game.
the greatest challenge was to find where to click.

im sorry for the 5 but it's music and art just don't make the cut :/

Sorry he didn't use a Soulja Boy song

I can tell by a comment like djdybbuk's that's what he was wanting. This is good. Good art, good music, just a neat set up.

very interesting

i like the art and the music is nice. I like the interaction, though it's minimal. The sounds go nicely together, but i don't like the one dundudundududun part, if you know what i'm talking about haha it doesn't go.

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3.17 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2008
7:10 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other