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Tails: Cosmic Rush

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Author Comments

Visit this link for updates and info about Cosmic Rush...

***READ THIS BEFORE YOU PLAY! (important) Please...***

First of all, if you TAP the jump button (and fly button), you jump low and a short distance. HOLD IT IN to jump higher and get a greater distance. This will help in some circumstances.
Keep in mind, this game is quite hard (it was meant to be this way)!

Requires Flash 8 or higher!
The game contains high graphics that may lag on some computers. Do not give me bad ratings if your computer can not handle it.

***EDIT :: Currently I am trying to fix the problem that has destroyed my FLA file (see paragraph below about it, my FLA broke). If things keep looking up I may be able to fix the game and may possibly finish it. But we will see what happens. This is not confirmed though.
Big thanks to Cha0tic221 who is being a real help in saving this project. Cross your fingers!

Just so everybody knows, this game is unfinished. This is all I could possibly give out for this project. Recently it has been corrupted in such a way that I could not continue making the game, which means I can not add anything else to the FLA, which also means I can't add the credits into the flash (I hope that isn't a problem..). So I'll just put the credits here in the Author's Comments. Also, there are probably a few bugs in the game, but I won't be able to fix them either. I was fortunate enough to have saved this demo file capable of releasing it as it is.

The game originally had a storyline with 3 boss battles planned. The story would have taken place after the events of "Sonic X: Season 3"... For those of you who have not heard about it, I say it had a brilliant storyline. I recommend it to everybody who has not seen it.

Search and learn about "Cosmo the Plant", a character from Sonic X, who has died in season 3's finale of Sonic X as a sacrifice to save the entire galaxy, and Tails had to be the one to help her make the sacrifice. If he did not help her sacrifice her life, the "Metarex" (villains of Sonic X season 3) would have succeeded in their plans to destroy the entire galaxy. This was clearly not easy for Tails because he had developed feelings for Cosmo throughout the season. In the Japanese dubbed version of this ending, Tails in fact quoted "I love you" just before he had to destroy her. Search for details about it. You will become an instant fan of the story just as I have when I first heard of it.

In the original story of Cosmic Rush (the continuation of Sonic X), the "Metarex" has teleported away with Chaos Control at the last moment, just before they were destroyed along with "Cosmo the Plant" in Season 3. Since Cosmo has been teleported along with the Metarex, she has also survived. The seed that Cosmo left behind in Season 3 has given Tails the ability to teleport close to her location, which explains the flower in Tails' hand at the beginning of the stage. Tails uses the flower to set out and save Cosmo from the Metarex, and defeat them once and for all. The enemy is the one with the Chaos Emeralds in this story.

Well that's it. I hope you all enjoy the game as it is. I worked hard on this project! Probably for over a year before it died out on me. If I gather enough inspiration I may consider remaking the project from scratch, though if I do that, the gameplay and storyline may be very different...


All Characters:
~ © Sega and Sonic Team

Animation, Design, Actionscript:
~ Reece Block [TheBlox]

~ The Shining Road [Sonic X] - Main Menu
~ Unawakening Float [Sonic & the Secret Rings] - Action Stage

Voice Actors who were going to be in the game:
~ Mary Bruhand [Tinker Jet] - both Tails and Cosmo
~ Stephen Lynch [Shard Spider] - Dark Oak the Metarex

Special Thanks:
~ Hank Fox [Cha0tic221]
~ Jessie V [SpriteGirl]
~ Luis M [Legionfox]
~ Danny S [Dash]
~ Melissa K [Missy]
~ Thomas Elias [Tarnish]
~ Michael Etheridge
~ Tim De Witt
~ Seth Fehr
~ Jon Froese
~ Krimzon Flygon
~ Ryan Stronks

Also, Big Special Thanks to Newgrounds.

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this game in brief

Tails: 😾

Finally beat this game. A great classic. Would've been amazing if it was finished :)

Another great classic.

i remember being a kid when i first played it, the only thing i searched for was "sonic games" or "mario games" on google and lots of flash games appear as a result, but this one has stick with me ever since

good memories with this one, always enjoyed it. it would be crazy if it were ever fully finished. still enjoyable to this day to look back on tho!

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2008
6:01 PM EDT