Asteroid Revenge Enhanced

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Remember, in this game, you are the asteroid!

Woot FP!! Thanks NG!

Anyways alot of you are complaining about graphics. I don't see you complaining about graphics in games like shift but since this is a asteroid's game, I guess for some reason, it must have awesome graphics.

Look people, this is a spoof of the original asteroid's game, so its made to look like the original. Otherwise it wouldn't be an asteroid's parody, you can go play Asteroid's Rampage II(also my work) if you want colored graphics and ships. I'm also going to make Asteroid's Rampage: Armageddon with colored graphics, but this is supposed to be retro.

So, back in 2005, while I was still in college, I made the original asteroid's revenge game. About a year and a half later, Adam Schroeder saw the game on Kongregate and made Asteroid's revenge 2 and Asteroid's Revenge III(crash to survive). I followed up later with Asteroid's Rampage I and II. Even though all those games had better playability than the first, they deviated off of pixel graphics which was not my original intention(after all the game is supposed to be an asteroid's spoof). So now with Asteroid's revenge Enhanced, I bring the feeling of the original back as this game goes back to black and white pixel-style graphics!

Please read the instructions!!

Remember this is like asteroids, if you go off one side of the movie, you come out the other. Use this to your advantage!!

The last boss is super-hard, but he does fire in a pattern, figure it out!!

After the last boss, the game goes on forever, just try to get the best score.

And one more thing, people at Kongregate keep accusing me of stealing the Asteroid's Revenge idea, I hope you guys don't do the same, seeing as how I made the original game, so please don't do that.

To play the original please go to:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/264628


dude what the heck

the enemies were white the background was white the score was white my life was white the only thing i could see was the asteroid itself make the writing black and ships black or make everything white and background black and this would be a great game do that and i would give you a 9

like it

i thought it was kinda fun


Good-ish gameplay, and i like the retro IDEA, but you need to learn how to put it into practice, e.g. why doesnt asteroid spin? Answer: Because hes one lame graphic.

Better than the Original.

I liked this game more than the original Asteroid myself! It was fun and very hard to me, I cannot beat the whole game. But it was fun dodging bullets and smashing onto them, a very great game! I loved the music too, it kept me on to play it.

Fun... But buggy

The Idea was great, but It was just too repetitive.
It was fun and simple though, making it a perfect time-killer.

What annoyed me was a strange bug where no enemies were arriving, and the game went on forever, forcing me to quit.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2008
3:10 PM EDT
Action - Other