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Ore Tachi Wo Dare Da To Omotte YAGARU?!
Par L'enfer Qui Croyez Vous Que Je Suis!?
Who The Hell Do You Think I AM!?

Anyways, this was a "remake" of http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/193721 because, I really thought it needed it...also I had nothing coming to mind about what I should make. ^_^ Ma Premiere ^^

Also: The music is from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann sound track, you can find it on youtube or something - the name is (with quotes) "Libera me" From Hell

If this passes I PROMISE to reply kindly to every comment now matter how rude >_>.


i like it but is just me or is it supposed to be that small? i cant tell what is going on its to small. i am hopping it is just me.


Normally, I'd give this a 3 or something for being so damned crappy, but I can't give it such a low rating if it contains such a great song such as Libera Me From Hell.

7/10. I'm generous.

that was funny.

next time try to make the animation better!

omfggurrenlagannyayzomg xD

TTGL is one hell of an epic anime <3 I seriously have never watched one anime twice in two weeks until Gurren Lagann came in. The song is awesome too, it totally made the anime even more awesome <3
Nice joke by the way, I enjoyed it xD The sudden shot scared the shit out of me though, but that's just silly me xD

monkat7 responds:

:P Yeah, the song is a little quiet so you have your speakers up and BAM....:P Sorry about that....But yeah! OMGWTFBBQ Gurren Lagann :D ----> I've watched it over 10 times...not even exadurating....at this point it's actually kind of sad but....eh who cares....excluding everyone that's not me :D


Me likey! *in asian accent* Then it would be spelled "Me rikey!" ha!

monkat7 responds:

Lol, I think that's typically chinese :P --> but thank you anyway xD

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2.62 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
11:45 PM EDT