What All OldPeople Can Do

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Author Comments

I made this flash in 2 days. My fastest produced movie yet (though i promise i didn't shirk out on the quality).

It's another short one, but I think it's at least somewhat entertaining.

EDIT: Thanks for Daily Feature!

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For something made in two days, that was quite good. The animation was very impressive. This guy looks like a hunchback. I don't see old people that bad. Of course, I don't see them that good either. Of course his hip would hurt.

I thought it would just be a long gag of him walking. I'm glad it wasn't. This was a cute little cartoon. It's just nothing that noteworthy. It's worth a quick watch, though.

I knew they were hiding something from me!

sooooo....that proves that old ppl when they get old they will have incredably upper body stringth and poor lowerbody stringth, right? ;p

epicly funny.

Aww, my hip!

I knew it, they hid that from me, but i knew it!

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4.55 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2008
3:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Original