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Luigi: Two Lights' Hero 4

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Hmmm, this thing came a bit late, hn? Well, for a number of reasons.

First, University. Studying and exams are very stressful and take away time. Then, a certain real life project of mine took a way a lot of time as well. Good thing that it went out well. ^^ And third... Problems with Audio/Video sync that surfaced ever since I started using 24 f/s rate. I need to work on my ActionScript, I guess...

Well, here you go. Fourth episode. As you can notice from the Select Scene screen, which I left unchanged, the Episode was supposed to include two more scenes, but with summer and me going on vacation, it would have been at least september before I could complete and submit it... So, I decided to cut a part of what I'd done and submit it as the fourth episode. I hope you like it nonetheless. Enjoy!

P.S.: A huge thanks to Jetzhell for his drawings that you will see in the flash.

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cool as shit

keep up the good work dude! and when the next one coming out?



Really Great!

I'm enjoying these a lot, being a Nintendo Geek for ever...You've added Pokemon to this too, and I was thinking since you're using Zelda things, you should add a Zelda character....Link, or maybe a boss from it. Use A Link to the Past though, that's the one with good sprites....But since you used Shadow Temple Music and you know...."Fire Temple" (In a volcano)...I was just wonderin......Great job! Keep up the good work!

Better then AlvinEarthworm

In a way you are with more then non-sprite drawings in your flash which alvin hasn't used..yet. You have amazing battle scenes, and I love that you used Legend of Dragoon battle music.

Real Freakin Funny Man!

Great series, its real funny when beat says "how i miss that?" & Luigi asking are we there yet?