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Project: Hidden 2

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check out my blog for the newest game updates! http://unbelivable.blog.c om/

The sequil is finaly here. find out what happened to the city with the infection
also take a moment to enjoy the menu, i think its amazing.

| instructions are ingame
NEW with survival mode! play at kongregate for highscores.
avoid the infection in this fast paced horror/action game.

took me 2 1/2 days to complete hope you like it.

runs at 30fps.
instructions are in game.

EDIT: i am aware of the bug on the survival mode, i have fixed it now.

EDIT: I REALLY REALLY fixed the bug this time.

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i liked that song "end of the day"

ten stars for the musician... i couldnt even get out the car! lol. what a plank. musics rad tho. :D


theres a bug in surival and no its not fixed, a-duhhhhhh


I'm going to guess you used an emanuele feronato tutorial to do all of that. Needs graphic work and a better storyline.


It needs more of a plot still. I did play the first but still. All you know is zombies invaded and it's because the government tried to time travel. It's quick and broad. You should make it harder once again. Try to put more thought into the game. Maybe have it lead off to a third at least, so it's longer. Maybe make a third one where it seems that zombies had spread from that city/state and now they're in other places infecting areas. Then make that great. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to get something great. I think you could've done something with guns this time. And lastly, the survival was decent but weird. It didn't have to do anything with zombies. Like maybe make it where your a guy getting gold coins and trying to avoid zombies. And once they touch you your dead. And every two coins you get one zombie comes or something. Maybe make a survival where it's kill count. You just keep killing zombies wave after wave. But of course your moving around on the ground. I think that would've been a better survival. But just suggesting.

Good luck with future flashes!

unbelivable responds:

Thank you very much for making a long review i love long reviews. Pretty much all of the features you suggested will be in the 3rd one full plot being revealed etc). i havent started making the 3rd one yet because i have other pojects but i probably will. thank you for your time.

Better than the first.

I enjoyed this game, it was better than the first in many aspects. Survival mode was pretty good. I think the game came out exactly how you wanted, and I really have nothing to complain about either.