Animal Farm-Skool Project

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this is a projest i did on the book "animal farm" by george orwell. its kinda lame but enjoy. Sorry theres no pre loader :D

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I've seen this movie. Your video is better lol

"special effects"

for the fight scene wet your hands and slap them together to make "hard hitting sounds". hard P's don't mix well with mics.
but, the reason why the animals stormed the food shed, b/c they weren't fed, all b/c of farmer jones being hung over. and that he "forgot" to feed ALL the animals. so that in a fit of ravinious rage, they broke down the shed's doors, and defended themselves when the farmer and farmhands came to control the animals. with that they gained a foothold in freedom. it wasn't consitered 'animal farm' untill after the rebellion of the jones', with napoleon and snowflake in the animal's lead.


The art was.....bleeeeeehhh, the voice acting even worse than what you'd be forced to listen to in the ps2 game "Chaos Wars" (my GOD, that games' voice acting sucked!). BUT, in some way, this was a little..... "charming" I guess you could say.

While this could be better (room for improvement in EVERYTHING), I guess it warrents a chuckle at least.

By no means lame

Although you cut short on the story, I really liked the beginning scene and the chicken character act was just great ! Also the animation is pretty good. You voiced every character yourself aswell which had its charm. If you need sound effects; the web is full of sample packages I guess to get those fighting etc. sounds.

Uhm you could try to even make it into a series, each flash representing a part of that, by the way awesome, novel. Would be educational and fun.

3up responds:

thanks man

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Jun 26, 2008
2:37 PM EDT
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