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Experience life as a hungry spider at night. Can you complete the final achievement and eat a bat?

To move your spider, click on the web where you want him to go. To make your spider spin a strand of web, drag your mouse between two existing web strands (or a branch). Click on the insects that get caught in your web to eat them. This will earn you points, add to your spider's web supply, and keep your life meter up. If the spider's life meter reaches zero, he dies and the game is over.

There is a lot of strategy involved in maintaining your web to get it to a point where you can catch the bat. Saving bugs to eat for later is a great idea, but too many will weaken your web. A big web will help you catch more bugs, but will also be harder to maintain.

Looking forward to reading your reviews. I hope you enjoy the game, and good luck! nom nom nom...

NOTE: This Dig Your Own Grave game was created by the talented and debonair, Mr Teale Fristoe.

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Suprisingly fun, gets a little tedious after a while though :)

For an 11 year old game is quite good actually. I still have some fun in it and i almost got the Godlike Intertebrate!! Awww..

I loved this game. It was original, fun and well-done. Good job

It's a hard game, but also really entertaining. I could say it's the best educational game I've ever played. And the only one only related with enthomology.

Oh man, the memories. I played this five (almost six) years ago, when it came out. It might be an old game, but it's still fun and I play it once in a while.