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Lost Disk 1

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Author Comments

Lost is a new game series by jumpingirraffe where a boy named Jake get's trapped in an online game and has to beat it to get out.

Lost disk 1 goes all the way to disk 4, with a great/cheezy story that i'm sure most people will like.

Why do i always decide on some balls as the characters, well.. cause it's easy and fun.. ( most of the time )
And this game will have some bosses too, something that i havn't tried out before.
It worked out well, except the first boss gets a little glitch where he's in the ground, and stays there for a second.
This game will take all strategy to beat, and you'll have to figure out.

A question, where the hell are the ground in the 3rd level! There's a ground. it's just invisible to add the the crazyness.

Is this really an online game? No.

Controls, well.. PLAY THE GAME AND FIND OUT!


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good but..

i would rate higher but uthat glitch everyone is talking about even you talked about is very very annoying and even besides that it would be an easy game plus you play as a blue ball mayb make the character look different.

not funny

First off : I am not an A-Grader in english, so excuse my poor translation. It's like 100 years ago that I was speaking (or writing) any long english text. So enjoy my shitty review and laugh about it :P

hey there justin,
one thing before I start writing about the game: what is it about with this glitch? Everyone who tell you "this game is fun...but...well...I don't like falling trough all these floors again after I jumped like 100 miles high." gets a stupid comment from you. Well done, you seem to care about what newgrounders have to say.
It is true! This game is not a 10star-game, but it is fun. I didn't like it because playing a blue ball in a simple story, which is not as innovative and cool as you say, is just boring. Besides, the characters were well done, and most of their mimics were funny, so was the boss. That there was no music...well... I think this should be part of a proper flash, but this was your choice.
Now about this glitch: it is just unnecessary. Yeah. It's like playing a rpg, leveling your char to level whatever and then get stuck in a wall you never could avoid, forcing you to start over again. I don't want to repeat a stupid level over and over again, just because you made a mistake...well I would not care if you wouldn't give a f*** about what you did wrong. And NO, we don't have to deal with it, neither will I.
But, because this is about fairness, I'll give you 4 stars. Improve on your social skills, grandmaster flash.


time consuming

i fell through the floor and that should be fixed, along with the having to beat the same boos twice without losing or get sent back to the first time u fought him. this would be a great game if those were fixed, other than that this is a good game.

Good story

Okay. I beat the whole game, and yes the falling through floors part is annoying. I disliked the white floors level. I could tell the story was good and has potential, but you're going to have to change the visuals if you want it to do good.
Add some interesting graphics and colors, fix the floors, and it'll be great.


I fell through the floor.

JumpingGirraffe responds:

I know that happens..

Credits & Info

1.92 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2008
6:19 PM EDT