SSBM: Pro Tactics 2

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The second instalment of my super smash bros melee pro series. In this episode, Marth and Fox fight each other, the pro way!


da fuq i just watch? bummer man...i thought this was going to ACTUALLY show me something new for melee....i'm pretty sure turning into a heliocopter is not one of marth's moves...

Koool Funny

I like it- so great when he turns to a helicopter. Marth is my favorite2

Marthy Marth!

Marth is my best character and yes Ive unlocked evry character I just like him


I cannot say whether you're a pro or not in Melee because i haven't seen u in melee but i can say u're no pro at making videos. This was just as annoying as the first one but more so because it was the exact same only different characters. Big deal. Hopefully you're better at melee than making videos.

DrFishSticks responds:

LOL have you reviewed all 3 of these? oh man. good thing my comp broke down before I could add to the series. I have a feeling you would have LOVED the next ones I planned.


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!Very funny!!!!But i have a question:Do it ends?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Oh,and the next time do it from brawl on sonic,pleaseeee????

DrFishSticks responds:

it is indeed a loop! I certainly plan to make one on brawl, but I'll have to get flash again first, and I don't have much time for making animations at the mo. It's alot easier to parody the top tier characters like Metahax, Snake, and (my personal favourite) King DDD, but I will bear in mind using Sonic :)

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2.82 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2008
5:00 PM EDT
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