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The 5 Hour Collab II

rated 3.93 / 5 stars
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Jun 7, 2008 | 8:11 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is the second of the 5 Hour limitations I've been hosting on the flash forums, this collab's theme was: Mountains. The objective is to make a part within the 5 hour time limit and then smoosh all the parts together. Many awesome animators joined the collab and the result is truly epic, get ready for The 5 Hour Collab II!

Running Time: 3:08



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

There where some pretty decent parts in this as well as some that wheren't so good but I don't think I would go as far to say any of these where terrible, I mean they where all okay. The audio was good but I don't really think it fit to well since many of the parts seemed to be more happy and the song was kind of sad in a way, so yeah, didn't think that worked too well.

The whole flow of the collab seemed to work, no problems with that I mean they where put together very well it seems and no real problems there, a nice menu and a good ending too. Though the intro seemed like it went stright into the flash but it didn't, so that was good, pretty nice work overall.



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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite detailed

An interesting collection of shorts that yo have put together there. The one thing that I'd suggest that you do for your next collab is work out a plotline for the whole thing and work so that each collab part in turn brews into something better in the end.

The music was good, the jokes were funny and the delivery of the parts were on the whole nicely worked. Some of the pieces need to be more refined, but with the 5-hour timeframe, it does get a little difficult to come up with the goods.

Be careful with the music, as I felt it was just a little too loud here and could have used being turned down just a little, so that the sound effects could be heard better in those parts that used them.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

My First Review For the Review Request club!

^^What I liked^^
Well, I gotta say the animation was nice and smooth. Nice atmosphere. Fun theme. This makes a great idea for a collab. Nice Job!

^^ What I didn't like^^
Well, nothing really except maybe a better choice of music. I mean some parts of the movie didn't go well with the music but it's not the worst music. Other then that it's good.

A decent amount of effort put into this amusing mountain climbing flash.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I must say. Very impressive work considering the time limit. I like how every stayed on the theme and made an awesome short out of it. The sprite effect in the first one was awesome. I liked the last one with the guy with the rocket boots, too. Overall a funny and well planned out flash collab.

Suggestions: Not really any. Myabe you could have selected some upbeat music for some of the sections. Other than that It was kool.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Very nice collab with a nice theme. It's always interesting what people can think about when they have to stick to a general theme. Most of the time people will create better pictures/flashes/whatever if they have to stick to a theme as if one just says: "Well, go ahead and create something!".

I liked the joke with the "No Hill"-sign, it really made me smile.

Sometimes the graphics weren't that great, but I guess you really have to push it if you only have 5 hours to create a flash.
The music was very well chosen, it fitted to all the animations with it's kinda "icy" and calm tune.

Very nice collab and great work form all the authors! Well done!

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