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Warning, this is my old stuff, that was a lot more juvenile, violent and had more profanity then I usually have these days.

Okay, since I can't stand watching my own old stuff, yet in a series like IMP, the first couple episodes are kinda vital, I'd been thinking of "george Lucas'ing" the first episode for a while.
I would call it IMP George Lucas, but it's not much of a parody of the remastered Star wars movies so it'll only give the wrong impression.
Originally as an entire new movie vaguely based on the original, but instead I started screwing around in the original file.
So nothing is changed, only the drawings are redrawn..
Well, and the sound fixed a little..
And added subtitles...
Increased frame rate..
Changed some scenes.. added stuff..
And the most important change, this time, Greedo shoots first. Some might be offensed by that, but it's always been my vision to have Greedo shoot first, really.
Thanks to voices from 3 or 4 years back again, Hhog, Henrik, Hentaiboy, Zody and the real Bustin, and later added voices from Molly and Euan and myself. Yay.

If you want to see if I actually vaguely improved over the years, here's the original:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/135442

Random trivia!
1: Altough it's the first episode, it's actually the 5th I made. For some reason I found it necesairy to make a "pilot" episode.. Can't remember why tough, but now I'm glad I did, since the real episode 1 is just about Roger. Yay, I was a selfish prick those days.
2: Before I made this episode for the first time, I asked all IMP members to write their backstory. All of them were to complicated and serious, so I didn't use any of them, altough Hhog does a short version of his story here, and John's orgin story is shown in the intro of the later episodes.
3: From all new IMP cameo's in this episode, there's only one that causes a parodox; Brany. Tough she could have travelled back in time with Kaze's Tardis I suppose.
4: The redrawn Highschool here is closely modeled after the real life school I attended. Because of that, it's the only interior location I ever drew in any movie, that has white walls, since usually I hate having white walls. I HATE IT!!!
5: One of the 6 only IMP episodes the real Bustin voice acted for.
6: Wow, can you actually believe I used to make an entire new episode everyweek back in the day?
Now I make about 2 a year..
This remastered episode took me one week again tough. Ohhhh.



i 4 some reason always give 10s but who cares

that's not how you got it.

don't you remember? you won the mansion in a race.

what happened?

I have two questions
1. Why doesn't bustinb voice act more it sounds better than the rest of thebustin voice actors?
2.what slowed down your progress with the IMP series, a mental block? That's happened to me.

That was not bad...

...but what country are you from? Santa Clause sounded exactly like Xerxes from 300. It was a good original concept, and I enjoyed watching it. It was MUCH better thatn the original episode 0. I think you made up for the relitevly bad animation and sund quality by having a lenghty submission, with a lot of origianl jokes. (I like Icecream!)


Hey, I think your right Leecario... Rog, I'm not being ass or anything but Roger should submite more then just two... Y not Five or Four Submissions a year... But still Roger you've done a great job on the IMP episodes.

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Jun 2, 2008
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