DayMare Town 2

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can you escape the nightmare of a day?... again?...

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Gosh my fav game since i was little <3
a lil creepy but interesting !

I like this one more than the first for the fact that it was more creepy. Very good, thank you.

Solid second installment. Excellent continuity. The addition of purchasing things with the coins added more to the game. Labeling of destinations while traversing was a little inconsistent but not troublesome in this installment.

Deduction of half a star because the mute feature did not mute all sound effects, merely the background effects. While I do understand and agree that sound can be important for the full immersion into the game, players still need the option and ability to fully mute.

Love the series. Very beautiful game. I can finish with 37 coins (39 if I didn't buy the Arsenic, it doesn't seem to get you anything in return if you give it to the Revenge Guy or use it to kill the Aristocrat).

If you give the Painkiller to the Aristocrat instead of the guy with a headache, the aristocrat will open a drawer with ten coins in it.

And there is one final coin as you're riding the balloon. It's next to some guy sitting on a ledge (looks like the same one you pass when going up the ladder to get the Librarian's Balloon), but it's only there for half a second before the game ends and I can't click it in time.

So that's 40 coins you can potentially finish with.

The first time through, I hated it. Rage quit times 10. I played the earlier games in the series, and I wrote a snotty review about one of them. I would like to apologize for that because now I understand how to play this game. It's very challenging and very addictive. I keep coming back to this one because I just can't seem to get that coin on the ledge at the end. I will not give up. I might have to get a different computer, I think my screen is too small or something.

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4.50 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
3:45 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click