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Getting enough fruit in your diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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Gotta love ones that remain as harmless as this one all the way. :) So well-paced and fun all the way through. No filler. Good music. Really reliving a favorite here, and it hasn't aged a bit since last time!


A very enjoyable short, even after all these years (not that time should really have an effect on a quality animation).

I'll give it a 5 since I don't have any issues with it. It was short and entertaining; what more could you as for from something like this?

I think the main reason this is so loved is because of the tone. I was impressed by how good the animation was. It's probably because it's great how simple the premise is. There's still a lot that goes on. I can always like that. The music was also fine.

It's funny to see them go skydiving just to get apples. Is that one guy's head a paper bag or is it a bag over his head? I don't know what these things are. One of them looks like a giant grape. How fitting.

Ah wonder why this reminds me of Applejack, but ah love it! Apples are mah favorite food! And mah favorite earth pony is Applejack, but y'all don't have to add her if you don't wanna.

Love it! And even, i like apples!