George - Episode 1

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This is my flash. It is about a potato. He is called George. I deeply appreciate any response, as long as it is about the movie.



Kinda hard to explain

There wasn't exactly much humour but it wasn't boring either so it didn't but me off, nice animation and very clear voice acting, that's one of the things that i hate; bad/unclear voices.
There isn't much of a way to improve it unless you do a different story line, such as making it funnier.
Good work anyway!

allemansing responds:

Yup. I'm planning to make a next episode, and make the story line for that a bit more effective and intense, hopefully scoring some more laughs. This turned out a bit eventless. Also I think ill spend some more time on the backgrounds.

pretty boring!

But im pretty sure you can doing more funny, i like the style and all, just improve about the comedy, its not boring at all, cut off the song scene...well pretty sure its only me...but hey your doing a great job...hope to see the other episode


just gotta say, i love the characters and the voice acting.
makes it very funny.

Keep it up

Well, it's got it's own style, hope your characters develop more on next episode.
Digital-guy may be talking about your first scene where George is got the same color of the floor, the same with the grass and the celery. You should change the grass & floors's tone or their brightness a bit, that should do it.

Not bad

Work more with the contraste.

Finally, I like it

allemansing responds:

The contraste? I am unable to comprehend :(

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3.63 / 5.00

May 23, 2008
3:52 PM EDT
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