Angel vs Daemon

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Author Comments

yeah, I haven't been working on this for ages until a few weeks ago, I thought I'd better finish it and move on with my life so...
...here it is!

By the way my brother told me this contains excessive voilence, I personally think it contains medium.
I you agree please tell me and I shall modify.

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It was good.

The overall idea was good. The people were to plain though.They were to ordinary. Although I guess I should be taking in account that you said you were not working on this for a long time. Other than the details and stuff I thought it was good. :)

dude that was nasty! ugh


Great Stuff

Awesome vid, action, humour etc....I take it this is during thee apocalyse right?


I don't think it's excessive, although the devil spurting blood is sort of on the border. Think your rating was alright, but I see now you already changed it.

I'm gonna be a jerk but hopefully it's helpful. In the first scene, when you have the angel running along the ridge, it looks funny because the hash marks in the ground are at a slant, perpendicular to the edge, so it looks like he's sorta floating with one leg off the ground and one on. You can cure that by making the hash marks horizontal (from left to right), if you know what I mean ... that will make the ground look level. And in the fight scene, if you had the angel's expression change it would have added a lot. I know that adds a ton of animation work, but even a couple of grimaces would add a lot of spice to it.
The superfast combat sequence was awesome. I kinda wish the big rock had landed on them after they hit the ground =P.
I think this is a great effort and you got a lot of potential. Good choice of music too.

Good fight flash...

The flash was pretty good, even if the animation could be better...and it contains a very small amount of violence (just look around NG and youll' find flashes 1000 times more violent than this one).