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Clocko 1

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Author Comments

In this Squigo-style movie, see what happens to ki1o. Trust me when I say that this is better than "connect the dots". I actually put TIME into this. You may have to turn your speakers up to hear sound.

***Stay tuned for Clocko 2 "Heaven or Hell"
***Make sure to check out www.squigo.com . Tony needs help keeping the webstite running.

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The Macintosh Computer Hater Says...

umm.... no. the animation was the best thing going for it, but it still blew donkey dick.

I wont vote 5.

But anyway... nice parody! I always liked Squigo...


HEY I LOVED THAT MOVIE.....the first time I saw it as a Squigo flick. I like the squigo style of looking like a doodle, but that is the exact same cartoon as Squigo 4. Hey I got this great idea for you, copy some more old stuff and hope people haven't seen it yet, so you can get props for thier work.

MsnMessengerClock responds:

silli3 fewel...
This is something that I like to call "a parody". Yes, it's true I stole the basic storyline of Squigo, but in case you didn't notice, I substituted in MsnClock and ki1o. It took me a full week to recreate the style of Squigo.

no words to describe it

well, it was the complete squigo rip off, and totally sucked ass.
Ironically, its clock crew.... who is notorious for sucking ass.

MsnMessengerClock responds:

I am not in the clockcrew dumbass. And you know you like it....but your inner psyche is too afraid to admit it. You are too obsessed with trying to be "cool" by voting 0 on good clock movies. May I refer you to a psychologist??? I think you need help dealing with these inner feelings that you have. You should try to find a more constructive way of dealing with your rage, such as planting trees to help the environment or neutering dogs to deal with the overpopulation of pets. Whatever you decide to do, remember that I am HERE for you. May the force be with you always.
P.S.---I do not suck ass. Why the heck would I want to suck on somebody's dirty asshole??? That sound like something ki1o or SadToth would do.

Thanks for voting, SadToth!

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MsnMessengerClock responds:

Are you ki1o's butt buddy???

Credits & Info

1.50 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2002
8:49 PM EST