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Voyager Breakout

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Author Comments

EDIT: Ball begins where the paddle is. One more level.

After uploading my first breakout game on New Grounds, people asked me if I could make more levels. Here is the result. A tribute to Star Trek and Steve Jobs.

I were watching Star Trek Voyager. Then it hit me. Had it not been fun to make this game with a Star Trek Computer interface? So I did just that.

There are in all 6 levels:
1 Level = Very classic
2 Level = First row begins to blink
3 Level = All rows are blinking random
4 Level = All bricks are blinking random
5 Level = More bricks and 30% smaller
6 Level = More bricks and 50% smaller (if you make this level, you are the master of this game)
7 Level = More Bricks, more speed

For each level the paddle are getting smaller and the ball goes faster.

All written in Action Script 3.0

I hated the old design I made for the game so I redid everything. http://RodrevMcfox.devian tart.com/art/Breakout-858 86490

If you find errors or bugs, please tell me. If you think it's still to few levels, tell me.

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"Great game based on Star Trek"

Nice game. The music was a little off, but I plan to play the next one, so I'm sure it was improved. ^,^ Otherwise, it became challenging after a while, and I liked it.

Yeah, Janeway, Harry, Tom, and Chakotay probably played a multi-person game of breakout(If that's even possible, which in the 24th century, it would be) on the viewscreen when things got boring. Tuvok would be the scorekeeper of all the credits put in for who would win, etc. I've always wondered what was on that screen when nothing was happening...

Great cover of a classic

Visual are interesting. Reminds me of a fast food restaurant of the late 70's. low of the game is slow and nice. Its a little pleasure cruise.

It just aint a deep game though and power ups would be an absolute need here.

All around a very good game

stian7 responds:

It's soon the games 1 year anniversity, I have been thinking of updating it or more making it Voyager Breakout 2.

Thank you very much for comment and thought :)


loved it specailly seeing as its a voyager game :D


so now i know what jameway was doing on her little screen at her chair..
anyway it took to long to finish a level but nicely done!

not bad at all

I wasn't impressed at first, but the later levels came in and it actually became a challenge. I do agree with everyone about the music and I understand the problem with copyright laws, however, that doesn't mean you have to stick with Trek Music. I'm sure the audio section has many other styles of music that would fit the Trek universe... Trek didn't have electric guitars, bass and drums, they had more synthesizers and "unplugged" instruments. Hell, Picard played a flute and Spock had a Vulcan version of an acoustic guitar.

Besides, think about it, you've got a game named "Voyager" with Trek fonts and a LCARS interface, I don't think anyone would slight you for the music if you chose Trek music, just make sure you give credit for everything you use.

I'd even add some voice acting to the game, the computer always talked, so this could too. Like when you lose a ball have it say "click for new ball" or when the level clears it could say "level cleared". Something to give a bit more depth if you really wanted a Trek themed game

stian7 responds:

I will look for other music. Had I been good to make music I would, but I'm not :(

Computer voice... hmm, that actually is not a bad idea. I will look into it. But right now I'm in library, a bit hard to do some voice acting.

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

May 19, 2008
5:54 AM EDT