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Vampire Hunter INA

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We'll make this short thanks for watching we hope you enjoy the cartoon. Also we didn't attempt to copy any idea while makeing this cartoon the idea was put together about 15 or so years ago by our lead artest thouse of You who know us and our animationd know us to be honest. Even if you don't believe us though that ok too we just hope you enjoy the toon thanks.

Ps If you would like to join or update list to know of up coming cartoon just email us with the subject sign me up.

(update: sorry about the audio problem some people are having if you experiance the problem try turning up your speakers to about half way people tell us this seems to fix it))

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i like how you included the extra info in the preloader, the music was good, and for its time i feel it was a great vid good work

It was nice to see something that wasn't a comedy from you. I admit some of the animation seem pretty stilted. I liked the vampires that appeared. It was weird how the intro was half the cartoon! I thought it was going to be really long. It's fine that it was shorter.

The voice actress is very good. I like seeing the different kinds of vampires. It wasn't anything that great. It was still watchable. Vampires just aren't as popular anymore.

are vampires supose to die in sun light?

I saw this a long while back. I'm not really a fan of vampire stories(even less so due to the Twilight series and all the other excess movies), but I came to like this storyline. I hope you continue to make more.

ahhh memories

i remeber back when i was 15 i had already watched ina's HP vs DBZ series and i finally went to thier website and found these. i spent all day waiting for them to load cause i had crappy internet and it was really worth it. and even now soon to be 22 i still think this series is badass, and yes i did think the chicks where hot back then.