Stabika ep.3: Defiance

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We ask that you please take into account any slow-downs you run in to while playing the game is the likely result of a slow machine, not out game. It runs fine for any fast computer, this has been tested. Use the quality button.
Controls are in game tutorial. Here's a quick overview:

Press A,S,D,Left,Up,Right when prompted in adventure mode to survive the challenge.

In defiance mode, press the direction keys to move, and press the buttons "A" and "S" to do different attacks.Spacebar also jumps. IMPORTANT: To jump up between walls, just press the jump button when next to a wall to rebound, pressing the direction is NOT required.

NOTE: The "Defiance" mode will have high-score opportunities! May the most elite bad-ass win!
A word from Porter:

Hey world, porter here and I did all the programming for this game. Please remember that this game is very CPU heavy so if your computer is not up to date with todays newer computer standards your more then likely going to experience some serious lag, if I was rich I would buy you all sweet computers to avoid that, but I'm not, maybe in a few more games I'll get into the gaming industry and make enough to do so. Lastly I'd personally like to thank the voice actors/actresses for this project, they did an amazing job and they're kind of like me in these kind of things seeing as the public often forgets we contribute to these projects just as much as the animator(s). Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoys this and please leave a review, they mean the world to us.


Damn. I mean, what more can be said? It's been several months since the release of ep.2 ( Carnage ) and we now have this bitchn' sequel. The Stabika series has been with me for years now, and to be making it into a game is mind-blowing.While no game is perfect, especially on a free-flash-game- medium, Matt and I agree we've definetly pushed ourselves to an extent that would clasify this game as our best work to date. Hope you all enjoy it, if so, let us know. If not, let us know that too. Just be nice, ok? Or be a dick, free country, so that's cool to. Just glad to be doing what we love, and love what we're doing. Peace.


Audio credits:

Menu song-- "Terminator Metalized" by Chrizzly
Climbing the tower song-- "The Challenge" by Zenon
Defiance song--"mv107" by Sto0g3
Ending cutscene song-- "Hero's Rest" by XementoXek



I know I keep saying this, but this is even BETTER than the last two Stabika games. Animation is even more fluid, art has been improved, and now we can run around on our own and collect health upgrades and stuff. The audio wasn't quite perfect, but this is definately the best in the series so far. Great job.

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Classic Stabika, now with more bad-ass!

You guys have really outdone yourselves this time. Stabika 3 is everything I hoped it would be. The Defiance mode is a perfect addition to the game, a little tough, but, hey, a challenge never hurt anyone. You are my new idols. I hope you two keep teaming up in the future; whenever you do, everything you create together is gold. I'm highly impressed. Keep it up, guys.


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TheMillz responds:

Hey man, thanks a million. Serious, in this absolute OCEAN of negative feedback, yours is the greatest review ever. As it so happens, Matt and I are on track for a pretty bad-ass idea on a new game project together, and we hope you will like that as well. We're glad you wern't dissapointed with ep.3, your a rare bread it seems, lol.

Appreciate it man.


it was kinda hard in Defiance mode, but it was worth it!! ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I EVER PLAYED!!!

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Remember me?

Yo it's Kitsune. You joined my forum earlier as the best animator on it with the stabika series. I hosted stabika on my ephemeral site.

PM me yo, you really got improved with your flashing.

10/10, 5/5 for support and own.

Your hit detection is off place in many areas.

Your animation exceeds excellence

For an RPG, the running is a bit slippery. The motions have no traction at all.

Everything seems very nice. I'm glad you continue with making Kade, a great character with a great weapon in a great pivot series. I hope you continue, but I must say: this game thing with Kade is quite the odd concept. I think you would do much better making an animation with Kade than a simple game. Don't you remember how awesome the animations ALONE in low quality pivot? If you do that stuff in flash with the skill you have, there's almost no limits to the awesomeness in your animations you can have.

Contact me on here or SPP. I'd love for you to join my collab or check out the one I just released.

TheMillz responds:

Hey man. I'm sorry to say I don't remember much from my days at SPP, but I'm blown away to see you remembered me for Stabika. Thanks for the nice review. I know the gameplay is a little iffy in places. Any programming questions can be directed to Matt Porter. The series as an animation is a tempting thought, but keeping it like Stabika ep.1 with just the cinematic gameplay telling the story is the way the series may go from now on.

I may be down for a collab or two. As of now, I'm looking forward to taking a small break from animation, 7 months in the whole, I'm soaking up the free time right now.

Thanks again,


I've been waiting for ever for this, I guess it was good, but not as good as I expected. I thought you may add some cool new special features, but nothing sadly. And to see that your only in it for the money is sad. Anyway, I hope to see a 4 in a years time!


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TheMillz responds:

Thanks for the review dude, but you seem a little turned around about what we're about. First off, we're not in it for solely the cash. Stabika is a project we've been working for 7 months now. Time and effort when in to making the best game we could, not to mention balancing a life outside of game making. Alot can happen in 7 months.

And as for special features, we created a whole new game mode ( the platformer ) in which we had no experience with before. And we threw in some sweet special features after you beat the game. Sorry if it wasn't good enough, but we tried.

Sorry we didn't live up to your expectations, we gave it our all, and that's all that can be given. I'll be the first to admit it's not perfect, but I'll never say it was a half-assed ordeal. I'm 17 ya know. Got some other things to do in life than game develop.

BTW, what happens in 4 years?

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4.12 / 5.00

May 7, 2008
4:37 PM EDT
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