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The Zombie Movie Quiz, Quiz of the Living Dead: Zombie Movies. How well do you know Zombie Movies? Brought to you by CrookedAlley.com, in association with thefleshfarm.com.


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needs some work

you should only play this game if you spend your spare time looking up facts about zombie movies and it was to long

Poor me...

I so much love zombie movies, i think a lot of the movies you mentioned came out in America?
I live in the Netherlands and zombie movies are my favourite movies, but like only 1/3 of the movies in the quiz i saw myself.
The movies where i know off that they are in the Netherlands: Severed, Dawn and Shaun of the dead, land of the living dead, land of the dead, 28 days and weeks later resident evil 1, 2 and 3, flight of the living dead, zombie diaries, i am legend, undead.
And some more but a lot of the quiz i don't know and there are not enough zombie movies coming out :(
Isn't there a site where i can watch all these zombie movies?
Anyway, the quiz was good but a lot of the movies i don't know so i only had 31%.
It was quite long and some answers where strange and hard.

too long

it waz to long and to hard but it waz pretty descent

not bad

In fact I like it. Maybe few questions were too hard, but still it's interesting to answer.

weeman a.k.a JP

i really love zombie movies but man i dont have photograpic memory....i dont remember every single thing....and plush its too long...but you choose some really good titles so over all its a good quiz.....o by the way the record that they trow in shaun of the dead its the batman sountrac xD

CrookedAlley responds:

They throw a few in Shaun. In the quiz there is only one choice that is right.

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3.62 / 5.00

May 5, 2008
9:37 PM EDT
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