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Galactic Conquests

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OMG i cant believe this! my first daily feature! THANKS sooo much!! AND FRONTPAGE!! THANKS TOM!
Whew!!! I finally finished. I worked so hard, trying to improve flash empires and finally think it's done.
I really hope you guys like it.

About the game:

Time to make: Around a month.
Used: Flash 8 Professional
Age of Author: 15
Author: Eric Smith (smith1302)

Click on the tabs on the bottom during the game to switch from troop,infantry,traps, and shop menus. To place something on the screen, simply drag and drop. When you click on something you want to a buy a description and price will appear in the menu in the top right hand corner. When your ready to start hit the battle button. You can sell a tower by holding "s" and clicking on a tower

Tell me what you think! And if you liked it be sure to let me know, PM me if you have any questions on how I did certain things.

**Thanks for the reviews guys, Ive been working on making it more balanced like you guys said so a newer update will be coming your way soon, thank you**
Next Game won't have troops, no one uses them or likes them.

Thanks to:
Bradley, Alex, and David.

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I found this game to just be okay. I would have preferred a more standard defense game. I do have to give this game credit for being kind of different. What I didn't like was that the graphics weren't that good. Really, they came off as quite shoddy. The music isn't bad.

It's a pretty fast moving game. I guess it didn't peak my interest that well. I will admit that it has some good stuff going for it. I like the clawed designs. It's just something I've always been into.


Ok, I have four units trying to hit an enemy and they're somehow glitched and will just run around in circle, preventing each others to punch the bad guy and conquer this damn planet. So hace that checked ;)
Plus, the gameplay is quite redundant. Just have to spam the ennemies with troops. The graphics are ok to me but have some lack of variety. Like cvcd said, the troops are great. And, the thing that annoys me the most in this game, is... The music. Please, do use a different track for your next game, pleeeaaase.
That's about it. Have a good day :]


i literally have so many thigns on the field, that its slowing the game down


currently on level 47 in sandbox....................leaving the window open, will be back in a few hours to see how far along i get -_-'

Not bad.

Good concept, good execution, but a bit cheesy.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

May 4, 2008
8:47 PM EDT