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Author Comments

* Daily 4th- fucking sweet!!
* I streamed the music so it sync's now.

This animation was made for my final piece for my art work in college under the title 'abstraction'.
It was done in an art exam which lasted for exactly 15 hours (three sittings of 5 hours) so this was finished in three days.
I know its not too abstract but I just went into the exam not knowing what to do and decided to create this, Ive always wanted to experiment using both flash and stop-motion as well as creating a skateboarding animation which isn't just about tricks.
There are lots of different techniques used throughout so watch till the end.

My mate Howli made the music again, check it out, its in the audio portal!


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very good

very creative and good drawing.

I Loved it!

It hurt when the board snapped. That was wonderful work.


wow so, you're pretty much amazing at stop motion!

You have matured a lot!

Hey MRAW, Its me Shadow_Fox_Ninja, and I reviewed most of your other flashes (go reread them) and I just want to say this is the best thing you hav e done so far. YOu have matured as an artist, not only in the flash field, but in the expressive arts as well. Symbolism, tone, and voice all permeate this piece of visual rhetoric. I really have to revuiew this not as a flash movie, but as a novel, or essay. It goes beyond simple drawings and becomes its own entity: a masterpiece. Hopefully your instructor gave you a perfect score because in my opinion this is perfect. The fbf is like looking at the matured guy that you used to know as a child. It still retains the same style that you had, but on a much greater level. Beautifully in sync with the music, this piece is magnificent. As you can tell I am simply amazed. Stupendous job. Please by all means continue to devote your skills to the arts because flash movies like yours are the driving force that keep this medium alive. Thank you

'Till Next Time---------- Shadow_Fox_Ninja

mraw responds:

Yes I remember you used to review all my old flashes about 2 years ago now. Cheers for the motivation now and then
Glad you enjoyed it!


Pretty freaken awsome and . . . well dream like.