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JigCircle is like a jigsaw game but without the boring or annoying parts. Use the mouse to drag sections of the puzzle into place until the image is complete.

If you like the game, please recommend it for the Puzzles collection :)


i love it!

i remember awesome puzzle games from like 1990's and i thought that the genre was dead but you've taken the puzzle genre back into,well, jigsaw puzzles. The amount of puzzles means that it'll make you want to play again and thanks to the timer you want to beat your own time. Keep making them!


That was really easy but I loved it. Make more!

Really Fun!

I loved it, and its original too as far as I know that is lol my average time was about a 18 seconds but I had trouble on the dog/cow...idk why maybe they get harder xD anyways, great game! 5/5


the poster below me is crazy to giv a zero.

anywae, its a nice twist.the hardest wuz the orange. i gave up on that, not much mood to tink. the strawberry one drove me nuts at first. lol. the rest were pretty ez tho.

entertaining and addictive

ur 5'd! wad else? haha

9/10 cos of the orange LOL

Pandora's Box

About 5 years ago Microsoft released a game called Pandora's box with a game that was just like this one, so nothing new, but this interface is soo much easier to work with. In the MS game, they called it Rotoscope, you moved the objects in and out of the circle as well as around which made it so much harder. Good job.

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Apr 26, 2008
7:17 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding